25 Photos That Are Normal Until You Actually Look At Them

By jstruge - August 22, 2018
Credits: Reddit @kraven420

It’s amazing how a picture can look one way, then when you look again it can look completely different. It’s a rare find but sometimes our eyes expect one thing and block out the rest (blue or black dress anyone?).

If you think your eyes don’t play tricks on you, go ahead and prove us wrong! The following 25 photos look totally normal at first, but go ahead and get a closer look! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Spider Head

Credits: Imgur @Middlyin

At first glance this is just a normal looking girl sitting in a jungle somewhere. Then you realize everyone is looking at her and – wait – is that a MASSIVE tarantula on her head?? Yep.

Although she looks calm on the inside, we know she’s secretly screaming on the inside. She’s probably thinking about how she will need to burn off all her hair when she gets back to the resort.



Look Ma, No Pants!

Credits: Reddit @jdk

How many suits did this guy try on before he decided this was the one? Then he thinks about how his wife really wanted to see a picture before he drops a grand on it.

Here, take a picture of me from the waist up. Go ahead and send it to my wife and my mom, I really want both their opinion. No one will see I’m not wearing pants! Or will they?


Lean On Me

Credits: Reddit @kraven420

This picture definitely needs a double take – or even a triple take. Once you see it though, you can’t NOT see it. This girl must have been bored of shopping and decided to have a little fun.

That or she really had no idea how this would look and just leaned on that mannequin for support while posing for a picture! You have to love the way we can be fooled sometimes! Either way, we’re impressed.


Wedding Woes

Credits: Imgur @badfishnow

At first this seems like a lovely wedding. The bride and groom ad kneeling for their prayer and then, oh wait. Take a look at the groom’s shoes. We’re really hoping this is supposed to be a joke.

It’s all fun and games until someone’s uncle takes it seriously and stopped the wedding. Uncle Tim then takes the bride and groom aside and asks them if they’re really ready for this type of commitment. Sigh… Another practical joke gone wrong.


The Whole Team

Credits: Reddit @supersonicmonkey

“Yay, we won! Go get Johnny and let’s take the group photo!”. Except they didn’t find Johnny and decided to take the pic without him. Good news is we found Johnny. We found more of Johnny than we bargained for.

We just hope they don’t decide to frame this one for the yearbook. The expression on his face is truly priceless. Better Photoshop him out of those before there’s a lawsuit! On the plus side, they got the whole team in one pic!


Bikini Man

Credits: Dumpaday

Nothing like your typical beach photo of a mom and her tot on a beautiful summer day. Too bad their lovely picture got photobombed by some guy wearing a bikini bottom in the background.

On second thought, there’s more to this picture than meets the eye. That’s not a man wearing it! It’s just a woman bent over and a man standing in front of her! These eye tricks again!

Creepy Wreath

Credits: Imgur

I seriously looked at the photo for a good 10 seconds before I saw what was wrong with it. Did it take you as long as me? If you haven’t seen it yet, look again once more time.

Nothing? Alright, try to look beyond the door to the creeper standing inside. He looks way too happy that you’re taking a picture of that wreath. I really hope this was posted on craigslist. It could easily make the ‘best of’ list.


Camo Legs

Credits: Reddit @kraven420

Once again we see a seemingly normal picture of a girl (or ghost) just floating down the hallway without legs. Oh wait- WHAT?!  If you haven’t seen it yet, take another look. Are her legs transparent?

How on earth she managed to pick leggings that matched perfectly with the hallway floor is mind boggling. It looks so unreal we almost suspect some crafty editing. Truth be told though this is 100% unaltered illusions!


How Many Cats?

Credits: Imgur

How many cats do you see in this photo? I only see one. Apparently this guy has two cats and they’re both right there in the picture. Look again if you dare.

Ahh there he is, or at least his eyeballs are there- barely. Staring at us from inside the TV unit. Someone tells me this guy has a favorite cat, and ackey over there is a bit upset about it.

Where's Waldo?

Credits: Twentytwowords

Just your typical wedding photo. Bride looking stunning. Groom and groomsmen all matching and smiling, looking dapper and handsome. Even Waldo came out to join the fun! The happiest day of your life!

The real question is: Is Waldo hiding in all the wedding photos? We’d love to see them all and try to find him creeping behind the alter or in the crowd of guests. Amazing idea to be honest.


Tee Shirts

Credits: Imgur

If you look and listen hard enough, you might find this rack of shirts whispering something at you. “Buy me, buy me!”. If you don’t see it, try taking some mushrooms and look again.

There it is! The phantom of the red shirts. I don’t know if we should run screaming or buy them all so we don’t get haunted for the next 18 years. Either way, creepy!

Little Boy Hand

Credits: Reddit @toberoni

Such a sweet graduation day photo! Do you notice anything bizarre going on here? Looks like a perfectly normal picture of a dad, immensely proud of his son – and the boy ready to shake the world’s hand with his… Oh wait.

Have you seen the MASSIVE left hand on that kid? We really hope he’s left handed; he might have a good arm wrestling career ahead of him. We’d certainly cheer him on!


Party of 3 or 4?

Credits: Reddit @slamthedoorr

Finally, a photobombing picture taken to a whole new level. Do you even see that this is a photo of four friends and now three? Maybe it’s just good luck here but it definitely tricks the eyes.

We’re really hoping this was done as a photobomb and the poor girl didn’t just try to squeeze her way into a pic with her friends. Maybe someone should have turned the flash on.

Pool Hair

Credits: Imgur @noesivan

Yay I finally got the perfect hair shot after 10 different takes! Finally, something worthy of posting on my Instagram. I can’t wait to see how many likes I get! I bet I’ll even get some new followers with this one

The only likes you’ll get will be courtesy of the people who catch a glimpse of the woman in the background who photobombed your perfect vacationing pic with her ‘going to town’ on her wedgie! Sorry, better luck next time.


Lynx Babies

Credits: Imgur

How sweet! A bunch of lynx babies stopped by for a swim! Maybe we should go outside and play with them a little bit! Better yet, their mother is probably close by – we should stay inside.

Unless you’re prepared to fight off a wild animal, that’s a really good idea. The mom is even visible in this picture. We can see her hidden in the background. Did you find her yet?

Man Bun

Credits: Reddit @alias28

Take a quick look and what do you see? A girl at the beach with a bun in her hair, right? Wrong. We have discovered the real-life man bun ladies and gentleman.

That’s right – take a closer look at the shape of her bun. It’s a man-shaped bun! Amazing how we all thought this man behind her was just part of her hairdo. Maybe next time she should just stick with a ponytail.

Women In The Sand

Credits: Reddit @syyraxus

Looks like someone’ having a nice day on the beach! The woman in the picture and the chameleon next to her. That’s right folks, there are actually two women in this photo. Look closely.

We are severely concerned about the one who blends right into the sand. There’s pale, and there’s you’re-the-same-color-as-white-beach-sand kind of pale. I hope she’s wearing SPF 1000 or she’ll likely burn in about 20 seconds.


Lecture Hall

Credits: Imgur @theloudlaugh

Just a bunch of students in a lecture hall, listening intently to the professor teach. All but one of these people are actually a student. Can you spot the intruder? Look carefully. There you go! Hey, who let him in here?!

The most important question that we’re wondering is if he actually ended up getting a diploma. He looks pretty concentrated, maybe he’s at the top of his class in school. Everyone deserves an education; don’t you think?


Couple In The Stands

Credits: Reddit @chopders


Credits: Reddit @escabeloved

You know when your friend calls out your name and you turn to face them, realizing that they’re actually taking a picture of you? This is the exact expression that you would probably have on your face.

This owl looks like he was not expecting a photo and it slightly peeved about the idea! Wait guys, I wasn’t ready for that one! Too late, it’s already going on the cover of national geographic

Lending A Hand

Credits: Reddit @hollywood182

It’s hard to have kids. They’re often running around, making messes or getting themselves into trouble. As a parent, do you ever wish you could just have an extra hand around the house for chores or whatever is needed?

This guy definitely got the hint! He got himself an extra hand (making that three total) and now we call him Super Dad. There’s nothing that can stop him now! We’re honestly a bit jealous though.


Tattoo Toilet

Credits: TwentyTwoWords

Nice new tattoo! I bet it didn’t hurt as much as it did to have your photo ruined by your furry little friend in the background. Way to go with the photobombing Fido!

If only she remembered to put the toilet seat down. Now no one will remember all the pain and money that went into the tattoo, they’ll just see the toilet bowl licker in the back. Even if that dog wasn’t there, maybe try to angle the pic so you don’t include your toilet in the photo. Next time, you know


Hansel And Gretel

Credits: Imgur

Just a little family get together right? These ladies are enjoying each other’s company, luckily without the interruption of their annoying little children. Maybe because someone took care of that.

See anything bizarre about this photo? How about the children in the dog crate in the background? We’re hoping they wandered in there on their own, otherwise maybe someone should call child services.


Credits: Reddit @catch22milo

At first glance this is just a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers, am I right? We’re not sure if they’re real or fake, but we do know there’s more to the picture than just the flowers.

Look closely and you might be surprised to find a little feline friend who decided to be part of the picture. I love how cats always end up in the weirdest places, and always seem to know when you’re trying to do something important – just to ultimately stop you from doing that. We must love them though.



Credits: TwentyTwoWords

This can be categorized as one of those ‘looks normal at first’ and also ‘right before disaster struck’ pictures. It’s true that there is no ‘I’ in team. But there’s certainly an ‘I’ in vomit!

Poor kid though, maybe he was super nervous that aday, or he was feeling sick but his mom made him go in anyway because it was picture day. Either way, we know this will be one for the books. One day he will get a laugh out of it, today is not