25 Most Outrageous Conspiracy Theories of the Last Hundred Years

By jstruge - August 01, 2018
Credits: buzzfeed

Conspiracy theories can be fun but they can also be super dangerous. It’s important to note that while it’s very interesting to ponder alternate realities, sometimes the spreading of this information can lead people to take action based on these false claims. People’s lives are literally involved in these cases and that’s what makes them so interesting!

We have put together 25 of the most OUTRAGEOUS conspiracy theories that can finally be put to rest… but that’s just our opinion. What will you think?

Let’s get started!

Denver Airport

Credits: flickr.com

Have you ever been in an airport and felt creeped out?

No? Me neither, ’cause It’s a damn airport…


However, some people think that the Denver Airport is creepy AF – and with good reason. There’s a giant creepy horse statue outside with RED EYES. Some have dubbed him “hell horse”. There are many disturbing paintings depicting apocalyptic events throughout the airport and masonic imagery everywhere.


The theory is that below the airport lies an intricate network of bunkers and tunnels meant to house all the richest and most elite people in the world when disaster strikes… perhaps the imagery that is prominently displayed everywhere is part of their game to make them laugh at us peasants, unaware of impending doom. 

The Titanic Never Sank

Credits: Good Housekeeping

Do you remember anything about the movie Titanic besides the nude scene? Yeah, me neither. The sinking of this ship rocked the world. What if it DIDN’T actually sink… wouldn’t that blow your mind? Get this. Skeptics believe that the REAL Titanic was swapped with another ship, which would have been the largest insurance scam of all time! Guess who was “involved” …?

JP Morgan from America’s favourite bank!

It’s a fascinating story and I recommend you look into it because it’s quite believable.

Crisis Actors

Credits: TheRichest

This conspiracy theory suggests that some of the latest mass shootings have been false flag events put on by the government aiming to disarm the American population. These theories have been popularized by Alex Jones, a notorious psychopath with a radio show.


He’s also the same man who thinks that the government is putting chemicals in the water supply that is turning the frogs gay (I’m not even joking… look it up). The main evidence for this theory is the supposed use of “crisis actors” (pictured above).


This stupid theory is not up for debate. These shootings are real and terrible and these theories hurt the families involved.

Area 51 File Photos

Credits: wikipedia

Area 51 is scary as hell and trust me, I know. I’ve been there and it’s spooky AF. The official story is that it was just a secret military base used to test secret military aircraft (which makes sense since the area is so remote).


However, conspiracy theorists had a field day when “former Area 51 employee” Bob Lazar blew the whistle on his workplace and claimed on a local television station that Area 51 was home to real aliens and alien crafts. Tens of thousands of people make the journey each year to Area 51 to see if they can catch a glimpse of something otherworldly.

Flat Earth Theory

Credits: Gizmodo UK

Yes, there are nutjobs on this globe (haha) who believe that the earth is flat. They look like normal people and attend conventions about the subject. Can you believe it? Besides the overwhelming evidence that the earth is indeed a giant ball, these wackos continue to claim that it’s all a hoax.


The best “evidence video” that I came across was a gentleman filming himself on an airplane with a level. He films the level during the take-off and landing and guess what? The bubble hardly moves during takeoff and landing… okay there, bud.




Credits: The Brock Press

The anti-vaxxer movement has to be one of the stupidest conspiracies out there. This disinformation and manipulation directly affects the lives of innocent children. Popularized by some Hollywood figures, this movement declares that vaccines are linked to autism and contain harmful ingredients like “aluminium” (which is true… but they have a purpose and aren’t harmful at those tiny doses).

Let’s settle this once and for all:

No, the government isn’t trying to give your child autism. Give your kid a shot so he doesn’t die of the measles. Thank you!

Is Hitler Still Alive?

Credits: History on the Net

Did Hitler survive the assassination attempt and instead escape to South America? It’s not a terrible theory. In fact, many of Germany’s elite Nazi party members fled to South America during the same time. This theory was so probable that the CIA even investigated it! This investigation was revealed in a declassified document dating back to 1955.


The document highlights a former SS soldier who admitted to meeting with Hitler regularly in Colombia. Could this be true? The chances of him being STILL alive are slim to none, but what if he DID escape unpunished?

Ancient Aliens

Credits: Disclose.tv

You know, I was going to put that guy from the memes as the picture here, but I like to be different. This conspiracy is a personal favorite of mine because it makes so much sense. The theory is that aliens visited Earth sometime in our ancient past and gave us technology, helped us build the pyramids and, if you’re crazy enough to believe it, messed with our DNA to create the modern-day human.


So we’re like a petri dish and that’s why they keep visiting us. It’s like going to the zoo for them. Checking up on their creations.


Credits: The Burning Platform

Chemtrails are so easily debunked.

Here’s the premise: the government teams up with airplane companies to crop dust chemicals on us while the airplane is flying (why? Who knows… too many to count). This is based on seeing all those lines in the sky when a plane flies. You’ve seen it.

Here’s the truth: It’s just vapour.

Here’s a puzzle for you if you believe this theory: When a plane is flying over the Pacific Ocean and those chemtrails appear as well, is the government paying for that too?

The Men in Black

Credits: buzzfeed

Remember those Will Smith movies? Yeah, those men in black characters didn’t come from nowhere. In UFO culture, there is a belief that sometimes when you see a particularly juicy UFO sighting, you will be visited by “Men in Black” who will intimidate you into being silent and will destroy your footage.


Some say that these men are a type of Secret Service from the government to keep the truth under wraps. Others say that these men are actual aliens, with cold grey skin and strange human-like characteristics. What do you think?

Who Shot JFK?

Credits: wikipedia

JFK was a controversial president, but very well-loved by many. Looking back, it’s no surprise that someone tried and succeeded in taking him out on that fateful day. The big question is: who did it? Many believe that Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who had supposedly shot him had no chance of even remotely hitting that kind of target considering the weapon and the angle that was available.

Many suggest that JFK’s own government was to blame. He couldn’t be controlled, so they decided to take him out and blame someone else. What do you think?


Global Warming

Credits: Protothema.gr

Global warming is all you hear about on the news these days. It’s going to destroy us and our planet and the evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of this being true. However, people believe that this is all a government plot.


I’m not just talking about oil-happy Republicans here. Many believe that the earth is just going through a normal cycle of warming which it has done many times before. What do you think? Is climate change caused by man?


Credits: OhFact!

Holy cow, this is a tough one. People believe that 9/11 was a false flag operation to create unity and legitimize a war in the Middle East. There might be some cause to believe that this is possible since the USA has definitely had false flag operations in the past but on a much smaller scale.


However, I refuse to believe that thousands of people kept their mouths shut and were all in on the scheme. You gotta admit though, Tower 7 falling down a few blocks away was super suspicious…


Credits: Geek.com

The Illuminati is a fun topic. It’s based on almost no facts. Unlike the Freemasons (who definitely exist), there is no evidence of this being a real thing nowadays. They are a supposed group of elite members who dictate all the wars and trade and place people in positions of power, like the American presidents.


When they aren’t busy controlling the world like puppet masters, they apparently spend time placing their imagery all over the world so that 14-year-olds smoking pot can have something to talk about. Check out the all-seeing eye on the American dollar bill. BOOM. The Illuminati is watching you. 

The Moon Landing Was Faked

Credits: Listverse

This one really pisses me off. Spoiler alert: scientists can (and have) actually point a high-powered laser at the moon and guess what? The laser bounces off a metallic installation on the moon and this can be observed (this was featured on an episode of the Big Bang Theory).


However, in defence of conspiracy theorists, the photographs and footage of the moon landings are quite suspicious. I wouldn’t put it past the government to have organized the fake filming of the event. Why not?


Credits: bigthink

Some people still believe that Former President Obama was not born in the United States.


Credits: big think

Some people believe that the Holocaust never occurred. (They are wrong. It definitely happened.)

Katy Perry

Credits: TRI 102.5

Some people believe that Katy Perry is actually Jonbenet Ramsay. Wha???


Credits: Those Conspiracy Guys

Some people believe that the government controls the weather with HAARP.


Credits: magiamax.ml

Some people believe that the Fed orchestrates recessions.

Nazis and the Occult

Credits: Those Conspiracy Guys

Some people believe that the Nazis were heavily involved with the Occult.


Credits: youtube

Some people believe that Paul from the Beatles has been dead for a very long time and was replaced by someone else.

Nazis and Aliens

Credits: YouTube

Some people believe that Hitler and the Nazis were in possession of alien aircraft which they successfully reverse engineered.

Time Travelling

Credits: youtube

Some people believe that time travelling is real and time travelling tourists visit us from the future.

Stephen King and John Lennon

Credits: Ultimate Classic Rock

Some people believe that Stephen King KILLED John Lennon.