25 Pictures That’ll Make You Say, ‘Well, That’s Ironic’

By Sarcasm Society - July 20, 2018

Irony is a funny thing. The most important thing you should know is that you need iron to live. Go ahead, taste your blood right now, I’ll wait…

Tastes like metal, right? That’s the iron content flowing through your body. You need these following pics. It’s science, dude.


Not-So-Hidden Beach


They may as well have a sign spinner showing people how to get to this hidden beach. An advertisement for a hidden beach defeats the whole purpose of a hidden beach. Unless this is a decoy that sends people to another beach that they think is the hidden beach,


but there is another hidden beach somewhere around there that is actually hidden. I’m going with that!

Safety Begins With...


Safety begins with you….being smashed into by a giant bus. Maybe the bus was just making sure that the driver was paying attention? It just seems a bit extreme,


don’t you think?



You’re turning over a new leaf and it’s time to dive in, tackle what has been blocking you and search for some self-help. You can do this! BUT HOW CAN YOU HELP YOURSELF WHEN YOU CAN’T EVEN REACH THE SHELF? And then they are requesting that you ask for assistance? It’s clear that this bookstore does not want you to spread your wings and fly.


Self-Help? More like, Self-Help Me!



These Domino’s pizzas toppled over like…you guessed it! Dominoes! Whoa! So is this why they call the company Domino’s? Just in case there is a moment in time where they fall over like dominoes? But it isn’t even the same spelling? Whatever. The point is, that the Domino’s pizza fell over like dominoes.


You get it, right?

The Future Is Bright


This girl is not paying attention in class and playing a video game where she is playing a waitress who’s serving tables. Oh, the irony. The future is looking bright, my dear. Keep up the good work and all of your dreams of waiting tables will come true.


After all, practice makes perfect.

Can I Have My Money Back?


“Hi, yes. I’d like to make a return. It turns out that my dog is the devil. Thanks for nothing.”


“Ma’am. We just got off the phone with hell and confirmed that your dog is not the devil. Just bad.”

Totally Breakable


This is the most ingenious way to package the movie Breakable. Do you get it? You think it’s the movie Unbreakable, but then it’s broken.


Brilliant! Whoever’s idea this was needs to get a raise.

"A" for Effort?


Well, this kid got one thing right. And it was the most important thing he could learn.


That he is totally illiterate.

The Not-So-Psychic Medium


You had one job. One job! And that is to see the future.


You blew it Joe Power. You really blew it.

Maybe Skip the Shortcuts?


Maybe this truck should have listened to its own advice and should have taken the long way. Slow and steady wins the race, buddy.


Quit trying to be a hare when you know you are a tortoise.

Made in China


Ah yes, American Freedom, brought to you by China. When Trump said he was bringing jobs back to America, he meant by way of China, right? Like from China to America.


I get it now.

We Can Repair Anything But...


“Hi, I have a bell that’s broken, and I was checking to see if you could…”

(Reads the sign)


“Oh, never mind.”

50 Cent for $.50


Because the rapper name 13 Dollars And 99 Cents didn’t roll off the tongue, he went with 50 Cent. I guess he doesn’t have much self-worth.


Hey Curtis, you are worth more.

Call 911?


Should we be worried about this Escape vehicle? Is this a cry for help? A sign?


Should somebody call 911?

Poor Planning


I really hope that it was done by first year students. I’m hoping that this was like the first school project assignment gone wrong.


If not, this is some seriously bad architecture and some seriously poor planning.

Different yet All The Same


Don’t be afraid to be different, but please wear the same thing so you all look the same. Just be different on the inside.


I have a suggestion: If you are going with the message that we should be different, maybe switch the colors up a bit?

"A" For Awful


Never judge a place by their reviews. Judge a place by their roach capacity. They are rated


“A” and have 4.5 stars on Yelp, so it is no surprise that they are super popular with roaches. Wait until the mice hear about this place.



You want to know why this guy is yelling? Because he is stuck in a cage! I’d be yelling too.


Nice effect with putting the word FREEDOM under him, but it isn’t working.

Let's-Destroy-Earth Day Race


Nothing like celebrating Earth Day by throwing a bunch of garbage on the ground. Next step of the race is taking six-pack plastic rings and throwing them into the ocean.


And the final event will be cutting down trees, just for the hell of it. First prize gets to participate in an oil spill! Wooo hoooo!

Show Me Some Gravity, Gravity


We get it, Gravity. All things must gravitate towards the center of the Earth, so hanging on the wall isn’t going to cut it.


It’s poignant, unexpected and ironic. Don’t you think?

Hits Way Too Close to Home


I think this driver took his job a little too seriously. Did they train him properly? Because I don't think he gets it. Can someone please explain this to him?


Credits: Chris McPherson

Don’t you see what you did there??? You could have used that blue gummy stuff from school. (Remember that stuff? I feel like I only ever saw it in school.)


One last thing: what’s so precious about your stupid glass? You already took up the whole glass telling us not to put anything there.

Have You No Brain?

Credits: smosh

This would make a cool gravestone. My question is this: These things take time to make. I’d estimate 2-3 man hours at LEAST to carve out those letters…


So during that time, there was no lightbulb moment…? NOTHING?



Credits: tes

Sure, I guess I’ll use this watermelon next to me to make the call? HAHAHA JUST KIDDING. I NEED A PHONE TO CALL YOU GUYS.


Get with the program. Billboards don’t work. They just cause accidents.


Credits: youtube

I would prefer they use “UR”. It would feel more appropriate. The best part is you know that inbred Cletus is responsible for this and we all know he never passed 3rd Grade English.


People who say this are “special”. Let’s just leave it there.