25 Pics That Prove Nothing Is True in This World

By Sarcasm Society - July 19, 2018

Nothing in life is absolutely for sure. Except for taxes and the fact that your wife definitely slept with your brother ’cause he’s not bald and you are definitely bald. Besides this, you might go on with your life assuming everything is as it seems. However, from time to time, you’ll see a glitch in the matrix and the truth is revealed…

Here’s a lesson in learning to question everything:


I Sense a Disturbance


Spoiler warning: this is going to be chock full of false advertising.

Also, Kylo Ren kills his father, Han Solo.

What? I said “spoiler warning.”

Quarter Back Sneak


We all remember these growing up. Specifically, the anger when the machine took our quarter, the glimmer of hope when we saw we might be able to get it back and the anguish at it not working.


This thing helped breed a generation of young cynics.



Yeah, that’s right. They called this machine’s bluff. If you suspect someone of lying,



call them out on it to show they can’t keep getting away with it.

Hershey Heresy


Look, they lied, and that’s not okay. But if nutrition is the reason you buy liquid chocolate, then come on.


You weren’t that easy to fool to begin with.

Sealed with a Lie


Look, I get that a lot of companies suspect we don’t read the labels. That’s how they get away with this. But this is literally the name of the thing you say you do, and you don’t.


Come on, man.

We Have Eyes, You Know


1. The lot isn't full at all.

2. The lot is actually completely empty.

3. You're not even sorry, are you?

Nations Splitting Custody


How do you contradict yourself that quickly? This kind of divisive, flagrant dishonesty isn’t what I expect out of my sugary beverages.


It’s what I expect from my president.

Grin and Ferret


“Look, I know these don’t look like bunnies. But you see how there are so many of them? What animal reproduces that fast?


Yup… they’re bunnies. $45 each.”

Keebler Caress


Apparently, an elf’s care is scorching hot. Don’t get into a relationship with them.


You will get burned (and not just from the weird elf STDs).

Worth a Try


“The city needs more funding. Train rides are more expensive than bus rides.


Maybe… we can get away with this?”

But... But...


Oh, good. Glad to see post-modernism went from art and literature to warning signs.


We’re through the looking glass here, although that looking glass has a sign on it that says “Not A Looking Glass.”

Great Value, Poor Planning


Real talk: Do not cuddle with the person who made this mistake. If they ask if you want to be spooned, you run.


You don’t want your pancreas getting punctured.



Whoever did this is a hero. Usually, you have to spend the money, drive all the way home, find out you got ripped off, find the receipt and then go all the way back to the store.


This vigilante saved us the effort. Thank you.

Eat Fresh and False


“Hi, is anything wrong?”

*slaps sandwich and tape measure on Subway counter.*

“You owe me another damn inch, fella.”

Also, that’s what she said.

Sneaky Snack


Why even put the dotted lines in if you know they don’t work? I’d be happy eating a long cracker. We all would.


You’re just lying for the thrill of it now.

Slicing up the Truth


You think the lie is that you’re paying more for the same amount of food. But look at the grease line above the fries on the large cup. Whoever posted this ate the fries to manufacture outrage.


This is a lie inception.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond Belief


“Look, you can see and feel it. You get the idea. You want me to actually fold five towels? They don’t pay me enough for that.”


The foam does not come included in your purchase, sadly.

Everything Not so Nice


So it’s a bag. By using any form of logic whatsoever, you can deduce this is an empty bag. Very philosophical of you, sweet spice.



Needlessly Cruel


Another philosophical quandary. You can simply deduce that this means you can’t exit after hours. It’s bad enough they’ll be stuck there all night.


No need to confuse the poor saps as well, sign.

Minute Made Lies


You know, math isn’t a subject that’s up for debate. If you say 100%, that’s supposed to mean 100%.


Please don’t sully the sanctity of algebra with your sweet, juicy falsehoods.

The Robots Rise and Use Lies


You see what happened?! We used math in our lies, and now math is lying right back at us.


Apparently becoming sentient is just another hidden calculator function.

False Cookie

Credits: Daily News Dig

Hey man. It’s your fault for buying a tiny package of cookies. If you want cookies, go to Costco and get that giant package with the variety. It’s like 8$ and you can see what you’re getting.


This isn’t my first (cookie) rodeo. You snooze, you lose.

Some Guy

Credits: meme center

This reminds me of the movie Elf when Buddy the elf congratulates the crappy coffee place for having the world’s best coffee. This lackluster sign is the same.


I like the pile of bricks holding the sign down.


Credits: pinterest

Holy macaroni. I thought I could get a human-sized hot dog for a $1.50.

How dumb can you be to put this on a banner? Probably really dumb, but we all have that one we keep around for the giggles.



This used to be a great country. (I’m referring to Sweden…)

Okay There, Bud

Credits: Very Funny Pics

Dude. There are so many better ways to hide your porn. I know its kind of badass to hide it in plain sight… but you’re living on the EDGE, BRO.


Imagine you open the folder and it’s just pictures of cats. That would be so dope.