21 People Who Forgot How Mirrors Work

By Psquared - May 29, 2019

Thank goodness for mirrors. Can you imagine how chaotic the world would be if we didn’t have reflective surfaces to check ourselves out in before leaving in the morning and periodically throughout the day? Everyone’s hair would be a mess, pieces of spinach would be stuck in teeth possibly forever and we’d never know how we look in our outfits until we catch judgmental looks from strangers who look equally as bad as we do but are also hopelessly unaware.

So three cheers for mirrors! Heck, eight cheers for mirrors, since that’s a three reflected back onto itself. We’ve all grown up with mirrors our entire lives. It’s a relatively low-tech, simple concept to grasp when it comes to how they work. And yet… there are people out there that seemingly forgot how mirrors operate. So let’s reflect on these individuals and the hilarity that ensues when the mirrors look back at them and cause us to face palm so, so hard.

Bottoms Up


Mirrors in bars are a great idea. They give you a chance to make sure you’re still looking your best.

However, those mirrors should be situated at waist level and above, definitely not below. What even is this?

Would people need to check out their knees in the mirror? All this accomplishes is making the bartender look like he’s breaking dress code policy. Or sticking to it, depending on how alternative this bar might be.



This guy looks like he’s going to his senior prom. That’s supposed to be a time of celebration and joy.

So… why does he look so glum? Did his date stand him up or something? Then you see the mirror.

Oh. Yeah. That’s cause enough to make anyone frown. You know how annoying it is posing for a bajillion pictures for your parents when you want to leave? Imagine that, but your parent’s not wearing clothes. Yup. Frown away, friend.

Don't Wake Grandma


Then you have some offspring so happy to pose for pictures that they tire out their elders.

Was there no better place in the entire house to take a picture? Grandma is trying to sleep for crying out loud.

But don’t actually cry out loud, because that would wake grandma up. Who is this picture even for? A date that wants to see how hot she is, but also that family is important to her?

Make Mommy Look Nice


Wow, that sure is a tantalizing outfit. But you have to wonder who’s taking the picture.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s going to need the most therapy of all? Oh. Yeah, that kid is definitely gonna talk to a professional about this some day.

It’s bad enough having your parents take pictures of you, but taking pictures of your parents? That’s a whole other level of nightmare. Then put them in this outfit and yeah… Mother’s Day will be awkward forever now.

Check Your Surroundings


If you’re going to send a sexy picture to someone, you’re surely focusing on how you look.

But you should also take a few moments to check your surroundings. Especially when your surroundings have piles of dog poop in them.

Maybe that’s intentional. Perhaps she’s showing off that the house needs to be cleaned and deodorized. The guys she’s texting are wondering why they would do that, so she’s trying to make herself seem as sultry as possible to convince them.

Pants Off Dance Off


“Hey, could you do me a favor? I’m going out tonight and really want to impress Ashley.

Mind taking a look at my outfit? I need to look my absolute best. What do you think about this?”

“Hm… well, that jacket looks great on you. It’s certainly a perfect top. But we need to talk about your bottom. That jacket will keep your torso warm, but what about your legs? You’re gonna freeze like that.”

Baby Boi


You know what women like? Confidence. And what’s more confident than posing in front of a baby picture of yourself.

That just screams, “Yeah, I still live at home with my parents. I’m saving money on rent that I can spend on you.”

It also leads to a smooth pickup line. He can point out that he’s stayed cute all these years. It should work, although he’d still need to get home before his bedtime.

Framing Is Key


You know that meme of posting pictures with the caption, “Felt cute. Might Delete later?”

Well, it turns out you never know when someone will feel inexplicably cute and feel the urge to capture the moment.

Pro tip in these circumstances: every single smart phone lets you crop photos. So when you snap your shot, make sure people won’t be able to see that you’re taking a… well, you can see (because she didn’t crop it!).

So Close


See, this gal knows how to crop a photo so her lower half isn’t exposed.

Unfortunately, she also forgot how mirrors work and that we can still look in the background and see what she’s up to.

Yeah, cropping isn’t gonna help when you’re crapping. Here’s a much better idea: why don’t you just wait until you’re done before taking a photo? Oh, and make sure to wash your hands first. You put that thing by your face, after all.

Selling Mirrors Online


If you want to see the most glorious examples of people not knowing how mirrors work, go online and look for people selling used mirrors.

Wait… is “used” the right term? Technically the second they’re created, any mirror is used once someone looks into it.

Regardless, this person didn’t want their visage being seen online in the ad, so they decided to cover up. Sadly, now it just looks like a ghost is trying to have a yard sale.

Try Again


This person had a (very, very, very, very) slightly better idea at not being seen in the picture.

Sadly, they and the phone are still visible in the shot. This does raise several questions, though.

First of all, why are people so afraid of being seen in the image? Secondly… is this a public bathroom mirror they’re trying to sell? Or are they trying to sell the toilet, and didn’t realize they don’t need a mirror to take a pic of it?

For Sale: A Billion Mirrors


This person right here is just straight up trying to scam the poor gullible marks of the internet.

They’re saying they have about 12,000 mirrors for sale, when we all know that there’s really only three here, and one of them is a medicine cabinet.

While it is refreshing to see someone that actually knows how to use mirrors correctly, the fact they’re using it for evil to trick folks out of their money is quite disappointing.



Then you have this guy. Sorry, did we say, “guy?” Because what we should have said was, “Absolute boss.”

We wish we could be confident and free enough to just take a picture of a mirror for sale the way they did.

This may even be a possible social commentary art exhibit. Women are often exploited to use their bodies to sell items. So why not have a man use his body for the same person. Let guys see how it feels to be objectified. A+ stuff, you genius.

Installing A Mirror


Oh, hello there, nightmare fuel. It’s an absolute bummer to meet you and we wish this never happened.

You have to be careful when installing a mirror, because you never know when someone with a camera is gonna make it look like you lost your head.

Now instead of being a helpful handyman, this guy looks like a decapitated demon dog ready to pounce. The fact they don’t have teeth to bite you with somehow doesn’t make them an less terrifying.

It's Right There


Look, with the advent of autocorrect and spellcheck in all of our phones and mobile devices, no one is as good at spelling as they used to.

We’ve become reliant on technology, and as a result, let the machines do all the spelling for us.

But come on, lady. The correct spelling is literally right there in front of you in real life and in the picture. How did you still manage to botch this?

Location, Location, Location


We’re not professional home decorators or designers, but we do have a helpful piece of information you’ll want to keep in mind.

Mirrors in bathrooms are a must, but location is everything. For example, this location? Horrendous.

Why would you want guys standing up and relieving themselves to have this view of themselves as they do it? It’s unnecessary and does more harm than good. If they notice it in the act, they can become distracted and make a huge mess.

They Didn't Think This Through


Was this set up in the same bathroom? Did they feel like guys were having all the fun with watching themselves use the bathroom so they added this?

While storage is always a plus, watching yourself in your most vulnerable state is never recommended.

If we were guests in this home, we’d bust out some spray paint, cover the thing in about 12 layers of black and then walk up to the owners and say, “You’re welcome.”



Look, it’s never proper or polite to gratuitously check out a woman you don’t know in public.

We can’t stress that first point enough. But if you’re going to ignore our advice and do it anyway, then make sure you don’t do it in a location filled with mirrors.

It gives all sorts of extra vantage points for people to catch you in the act. You should double especially not do it in this type of location when cameras are present.

Public Viewing


Why would you even graphically ogle women in public when the internet exists? Leave them alone if you don’t know them.

However, while we won’t judge (and are actually big fans of) websites used for such purposes, there’s a time and a place for them.

The time and place is when you’re all alone. Public transit? Not so much. Even if the sound is off and you’re doing a good job pretending you’re reading something intellectually stimulating, the reflection will give away that it’s stimulating material of an entirely different type.

Come On Ride The Train


Okay, we know that it’s going to be a long trip and those can get boring.

Bringing an iPad is a great way to kill some time. Watching a movie will even make the trip fun.

But trips aren’t supposed to be this fun, and this kind of movie should be viewed… well, we already went over that. If you insist on doing this, at least do it under a jacket where reflections won’t expose you so bad.

Caught You Slipping


There’s nothing wrong with being single. It’s actually something that should be celebrated, not lied about.

Also, if you’re lying about having a “boyfriend that we wouldn’t know because he lives in Canada,” then how are you going to meet anyone new and get a real boyfriend?

This is just sad. Not even because of the boyfriend thing, but because you somehow posted this without realizing that the mirror gave you away. Man… mirrors are real snitches.