19 People Who Are Stupid But Smart

By Sarcasm Society - February 01, 2019

Sometimes things are so friggin’ stupid that they actually do a 180 into genius. And that 180 is not always as noticeable as one might think. What is utterly dumb to some may be completely brilliant to others. That is how we got KFC’s Double Down Sandwich. Bacon, cheese, and The Colonel’s secret sauce between two pieces of fried chicken fillet instead of bread. That is ridiculously moronic and insanely smart all wrapped up in one big giant heart attack. (And don’t get us started on the whole “secret sauce” drama. That is just a travesty of epic epicurean proportions.)

To quote the great Spinal Tap, “It’s such a fine line between stupid and…and…clever.”

If it works, it’s not dumb.

Recycling Gone Too Far


Kind of like this contraption here.

Sure, it worked. Congratulations. But just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. And on one hand you could say, “Look at these people, going green, repurposing – good for them!” But on the other hand you could also go, “I give them forty seven more seconds until they drown.”

I am not saying we are totally voting for the latter…but I am not NOT saying it either.

Quick Repair


This is a genius quick fix to get your car from where it broke down to the mechanic. Sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do. So for a temporary fix, it’s really quite clever.

Oh, what’s that? You’re going to continue driving on this indefinitely? Like, you’re just gonna ignore the puncture and pretend that it never happened and it’s a perfectly good tire?

Sigh. I retract my initial compliment. You are the reason why we can’t have nice things in the house.

Shocked This Worked


“Listen, I know that electricity and water don’t mix. I watch Bill Nye the Science Guy! That being said, I am 100 percent fully confident that nothing bad is going to happen to me simply because I…


Does anybody happen to have the number for the Darwin Awards? I feel like they have a new entry coming their way any second now. The sad thing is how smart they think they are, and how dumb their inevitable demise will be.

I Mean, It Works


I mean, you could totally make fun of this because it looks so bats**t dumb. That being said, a person can’t bash the results, right? They wanted to cool down their PC, and they cooled down their PC. If it works, you can’t make fun of it, I guess. Whoever came up with this better get a patent and quick. You know if Bill Gates takes one look at this he is fully stealing the idea.

Air... "Freshener" Is Too Optimistic


So you have three choices when it comes to making your car smell better. You can…

  1. Thoroughly clean the inside of your car.
  2. Buy a car freshener that smells like strawberry shortcake.
  3. Poke holes in your can that holds your “mint” dip.

Well, let’s break this down. Number one is never happening. Number two won’t really make your car smell better. So, by process of elimination, we’re going with number three. I mean, it says “mint.” And mint smells good, right? Seriously, how bad could it be?*

*Very…the answer is very.

Who Is It?


“Damn, my doorbell is broke! That really, really sucks. Now how am I going to know if people are at my front door?”

“Couldn’t they just knock?”

“I got it! I’ll put some rocks in a plastic bottle, leave it outside with a note letting them know my ringer is busted, and if they wanna reach me they should just shake the bottle. Problem. Officially. Solved. Jesus Christ, am I smart!”

“Couldn’t they just knock?”


Waste Not, Want Not


Cut backs in school programs are no joke. Sometimes yo just gotta make money any way you can. Sure it’s not safe and definitely not remotely legal, but these days you gotta make chicken salad when given chicken s**t.

On a related note, this had to have been designed by a total DIY hipster in Portland who’s second job is a coffee barista and in his spare time brews his very own IPA that he describes as “Delicate like a mofo.”

Points For Creativity


Why waste money on hiring a snow plow guy to plow your driveway. You don’t need no stinking snow plow guy! All you need is a little bit of inspiration and a whole lot of “I truly don’t give a f**k.”

Come on! Bask in the glory of this snow plow. And by “snow plow,” we mean, “Lawnmower with satellite dish and barbell weights used to counterbalance.” If it even works in the slightest then this contraption is utter genius.

Screwed Up Plan


Genius has no off-switch, but it definitely has a plug. And sometimes that plug is one second away from your house totally burning down.

This seems idiotic, but, let’s be honest here. You’ve totally done something like this in your life, haven’t you? Come on, admit it. It’s okay. Sometimes DIY is really just a half-assed way of ignoring a more serious problem.

And if we are truly living our truth, we can’t help but be overwhelmed with curiosity about if this actually works. We suppose you can keep an eye on the obituaries for an answer.

Grocery Run


Genius or stupid? Well, it’s all really about the context. If you saw this guy biking down your street you’d say to yourself, ‘What a friggin’ moron. Why can’t this clown just buy a new bike, or at the very least a new bike tire?”

But, if you happen to spot this same fellow at your local grocery store aisle, you’d say to yourself, “Such brilliance! What ingenuity! Why didn’t I think of that? Kind sir, please. Teach me your ways.”

Work Smart, Not Hard


“Man, I truly hate mowing the lawn. It’s hot, sweaty work that take up all of my Saturday afternoon. Isn’t there some way, any way, that I could make this chore go faster so I can go on with my day?

*Stares up at the sky. Notices ducks in flying ‘V’ formation.*

“That gives me an idea…”

Cause you know what? When it comes to mowing your lawn, it doesn’t matter if it looks good. All that matters is that it looks finished.

DUI Have An Idea


Don’t let having your driver’s license revoked get you down. There are other ways to get around. There’s the transit system, biking, Uber, Lyft, walking, heck, you can even bum rides off friends until you get your license back. So many options!

What’s that? You’re just going to use your John Deere Riding Mower as if it were a car to get you around everywhere? Screw what people think or that it may be a serious accident waiting to happen? Hey man, you do you.

Dorm Delights


Some college students can amazingly transform their dorm rooms. Others cook weenies on a clothing iron. Some put effort into their lives and really try to make a difference. Others just give up and do…THIS. We each must follow our own truth. Namaste.

By the way, you know that that dorm room would stink to all high heaven. You also know that those weenies cooking on that iron would taste totally AMAZING.

Food On File


Work is for suckers. The corporate life is for losers who are chained to a desk, kissing up to their bosses while chained to their desks for forty hours a week. But the person who turned their filing cabinet into a fully functioning smoker had different ideas.

They were not going to suck at the corporate teat. They were going to think outside the box. They were going to go off the grid. They were the ones who looked at a filing cabinet and, instead of saying, “Why?” said, “Why not?”

And when they said it, they were high.

Beach Cowbum


“Hi, welcome to Shoe Barn. Can I help you find anything in particular today?”

“Well, I sure hope so. I’m looking for footwear that is completely uncomfortable, while at the same time being completely unstylish. Think you can help me?”

“Let me check in the back…”

*salesperson comes out with these*

“I think these may be right up your alley.”

“Hmmm. I’m not sure. I mean, they look really ugly and hurt like hell, but I just don’t know. How much do they cost?”

“900 dollars.”

“I’ll take ’em.”

Udder Ingenuity


This is actually super smart. It’s not easy feeding a group of hungry young ferrets all at once. This way, every little critter get the same amount of milk at the exact same time. No muss, no fuss, everyone’s total happy. So, yeah, this is pretty damn genius.

But actually having baby ferrets as pets and having to actually do this? Yeah…that is dumb. Crazy dumb. Seriously, haven’t you ever heard of a thing called “kittens”?

Time Stopper


So close. This is so close to being a genius solution to a problem. Unfortunately, their plans to have a fully functioning clock were foiled by the fact that they were unsure about what comes between four and eight. Which is totally understandable.

It’s all digital these days, anyway. No one reads clocks anymore. It’s all done via smart phone. Seriously, no one knows what comes between four and eight. It’s not our fault. It’s technology’s fault!

Rolling Bus Stop


Boss: “I thought I told you to go fix the leg on that park bench.”

Worker: “We don’t have a matching piece to fix it.”

Boss: “We can’t afford a matching piece.”

Worker: “So what am I supposed to do?”

Boss: “Jesus, just grab something from the office. Anything. Hell, use that swivel chair you’re sitting on.”

Worker: A swivel chair? Won’t someone notice?”

Boss: ” Please. The human race is filled with dumb dumbs. Trust me…no one will  ever notice.”

*Internet notices and openly mocks for years on end via lists like these.*

Redneck Magic


Hot tubs are expensive as hell. Still, you want your life to be as classy as hell. So what’s a not-so-smart person with not a lot of money supposed to do?

This. You do this.

Is it practical? Of course not. Does it heat the water? Umm…kind of. Is it safe? Oh, good God no. But it is still technically a hot tub – after all, you put a sign up saying so – and that’s all that matters.

Congrats on being…classy?