19 Incredible Objects People Found Completely By Accident

By Psquared - July 02, 2019

Centuries after their deaths, we still remember explorers like Magellan, Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci and Marco Polo. The reason we remember them is because of what they discovered… and also the super fun pool games that are named after at least one of them in which your friends always cheated. While they may have set out on giant journeys at great risk to themselves and those that came along with them intentionally in hope of finding something worth being remembered, some of the best discoveries happen by complete accident.

That’s what we’re going to be looking at here. While these folks didn’t have to beg a queen to finance a mission complete with several boats, their findings are pretty amazing. And what makes them all the more spectacular is how they happened on them purely by chance. So were these accidents… or did fate play a hand in bringing these objects to the attention of the folks who found them? You decide.

Little Shark Tooth


Found along the Potomac River, this teeny tiny shark tooth raises a number of questions.

Did this tooth belong to a baby shark? Are there sharks in the Potomac River? How the heck did someone spot such a tiny little tooth?

And most importantly of all: how quickly did this image get the “Baby Shark Song” in your head and how long will it take for it to get out of there? Baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo.

Tiny Crab


Well here’s a spin on that old classic. Baby crab doo doo doo doo doo doo.

This was discovered in a seafood restaurant. Imagine opening up this shellfish and finding a separate shellfish in it. Maybe he just really wanted to get those French fries.

Honestly, considering how expensive crab can be, it’s nice to get this one for free with the dish. Sure, it’s a little raw for our liking, but hey, we’re not one to turn down a deal.

Frozen $10


Kudos to whoever was able to spot this frozen 10 dollar bill beneath the water.

They either have amazing vision or they’re super broke and so desperate to find money that they have an extra sense for locating cash.

Either way, we hope they have a good solution for how to unfreeze this money. We’re not sure that many establishments or banks will accept a cash-icle. Maybe an ice cream parlor will take it, what with it being on brand and all.

Giant Pearl


If you’re observant you may have noticed that what makes an accidental find extraordinary is it being particularly small or large.

This one is the latter, and holy heck. This massive pearl tips the scales at almost 80 pounds.

For a pearl this large, imagine the size of the clam that it must have come from. Thank goodness they don’t have a taste for human flesh, otherwise that thing would be terrorizing beaches and swallowing poor, unsuspecting swimmers whole.



If you discover a burial site in the middle of the woods or in an open field, it can be creepy but understandable.

However, that wasn’t the case with this unfortunate couple. They discovered a grave beneath their garage.

Yeah… that’s not an ideal location to learn that a body is buried. It would explain why the house was so cheap. It also explains the blood that occasionally drips from the faucets and the screaming coming from the walls on full moons.

Strange Treasure


While redoing their kitchen, a couple found a bottle of bourbon, stacks of cash, bingo cards and a book called A Guide For The Perplexed.

We’d say that this is cause for celebration, but we’ve seen too many gangster movies to be happy for them.

Clearly, some criminal stashed this, intending to come for it once they’re set free from prison. So this couple should just leave it where they found it and move somewhere nicer, such as that haunted house from the previous entry.

Black Box


Here’s a tale of two explorers who actually set out to find something, but they never thought they would.

The two men from Boston went on an expedition to find the missing black box from the ill-fated Eastern Flight 980.

They expected the trip to be more of a fun experience than a success. However, after a long, deep trek into the Andes Mountains, the pair actually found the decades-old wreck and recovered the flight records! Do we need to name a pool game after them now?

Message In A Bottle


We’ve all seen fictional stories that involve a message being placed in a bottle and having it thrown in the ocean and eventually wash ashore.

That never happens in reality though, does it? It does, and this guy on a fishing trip found it by accident.

The note inside was from a California man named Mel, who appeared to have passed away sometime in 2014. Mel loved the sea so much that his family created this message in a bottle to honor him and share his passion with the world.

Practice Bomb


A frozen 10 dollar bill… a message in a bottle… dang, there are all sorts of cool treasures you can find at the beach!

There are also some scary objects you can stumble upon as well, like this guy who found a “practice bomb.”

We certainly hope they confirmed that it was, indeed, only a practice bomb before picking it up and showing it off. When it comes to explosive objects, it’s always better safe than having your fingers blown off.

Submerged Jeep


Scuba diving in murky water can be spooky enough as it is, what with the lack of visibility and being in an inhospitable environment.

But imagine finding the rusted remains of an old jeep at the bottom of a lake like this person did.

Thankfully, whoever drove this old vehicle into the water wasn’t still in there, having their skeletons picked at by the local marine life. When you see something like this, it’s best to just make like Dory by forgetting about it and keep on swimming.

Transparent Leaf


This isn’t some cool art project made by a professional with a 3D printer. This is a real, honest to goodness transparent leaf.

Since the veins of the leaf are tougher than its membrane, the structure of the leaf remains completely intact while leaving it totally see-through.

They should preserve this to the best of their ability. If you want to be the talk of the environmentally-conscious wealthy, you need to show up to a party wearing this as a monocle.

Time Capsule


Remember in elementary school when they made us bury a little time capsule so we or someone else in the future could find it?

Seemed pretty ridiculous at the time, but at least one person had theirs discovered by someone… in the future.

Well, playing amateur archaeologist over here, we can determine that people in the past were huge fans of plastic jewelry. This may have come from the same time period as that phone fossil. Truly, those were darker days.

Vintage Condoms


Speaking of relics from the past that shed light on how people were living at the time, we have these vintage condoms.

Let’s pour one out for the sad sap that bought these contraceptives 70 years ago and still never got a chance to use them.

We’d say that whoever found them could try and use them to save money, but while it would save them a few bucks now, it’d cost them a lot in, oh… about nine months or so.

10 Year-Old-Banana


We don’t know why we’ve always rushed to eat bananas we buy from the store within a week.

Here we have a banana from a decade ago and it doesn’t look that bad at all, does it? Throw that in a blender or some banana bread and you’re good to go.

How did this happen? Well, apparently, someone left the banana in their coat pocket during a ski trip and then completely forgot about it until fishing it out. Oh well.

Baby Birds


Okay, after imagining what that 10 year-old banana must taste like, you likely need a palate cleanser right about now.

How about some cute animals? That oughtta do the trick. Here are some adorable baby birds. Awww… Where were they found?

It’s not uncommon for a mama bird to make their nest in an unusual place, but laying their eggs in a grill? Not the best spot. It’s a good thing they’re so cute, otherwise they are in the perfect spot to fire up a poultry lunch.

Baby Bunnies


Let’s stick with the theme of finding adorable animals by accident. Can you think of anything more wonderful than discovering a bundle of baby bunnies?

This almost ended in disaster, though.They were discovered while this person was mowing their lawn.

They happened to notice some movement in a particular patch of grass and decided to investigate. Thank goodness they did before running the mower over it. Yeesh. We don’t even want to think about that. How about one more cute accidental animal find to get that image out of our heads?

Buried Furby


While digging, this person unearthed another relic from the past: a Furby. They’re cute… in a creepy sort of way.

The haunting, dead eyes and being caked in dirt isn’t helping its appeal, but these things were all the rage once.

It’s always sad to see someone abandon their pet. We have no idea why this was buried, but now that it was found, hopefully this person can be a more responsible owner and give them a total makeover.



When you think of archaeologists finding fossils, the first thing your mind probably jumps to is dinosaur bones.

But there are other relics from forgotten eras that can be dug up. When construction workers tore up this old parking lot, they found this particular fossil buried just beneath the pavement.

Dated around the turn of the second century, it’s believed humans used to use this tool as a means of communication. How primitive. Can’t believe our species was ever so barbaric.

Giant Quartz


When it comes to finding something by accident, it’s not a competition. But if it were, this guy is absolutely the winner.

For those looking to unearth the treasure of a lifetime, apparently Arkansas is the place you need to be in order to hit pay dirt.

And this is some literal dirt that pays. This man was simply digging for precious stones when he uncovered this enormous quartz, valued at $4 million. Yeah… we’re gonna start digging. Who knows when an accident like this may strike?