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19 Celebrity Doppelgangers You Won’t Believe Are From Different Countries

By Sarcasm Society - February 11, 2019

Celebrities are some of the most recognizable people on Earth. And it isn’t just because they’re super famous. Many of them rose to stardom because of how unique they look. Whether it’s someone like Brad Pitt who is stunningly gorgeous or a Steve Buscemi who has such an interesting look you can’t get him out of your head, they have a style that’s 100 percent all their own… or so you’d think.

Turns out, even some of the most recognizable people on Earth have unrelated “twins” around the globe. Somehow, DNA is crossing international borders and replicating itself. You’ve been warned.

Double Leos

Credits: http://pics5.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/leo.jpg

Konrad Annerud and Leonardo DiCaprio are two different people. It’s hard to believe though when looking at their photos side by side. Yes, these are not the same people. They don’t even live on the same continent!

Annerud is a Swedish skateboarder and model who now has over 220,000 Instagram followers thanks to his resemblance to Leo. It must be difficult for people to mistake you for another person…unless that person is Leonardo DiCaprio.

Two Jeffs

Credits: http://img.brifinq.com/gallery/2017/01/big/20170126124722-78770-3.jpg

One of these men is Jeff Goldblum, star of movies such as Jurassic Park. The other is Jeff’s Indian counterpart. Whether this is the result of Jeff being cloned for a future tourist attraction called Goldblum Park remains to be seen.

We’re not complaining though. In these divisive times, the one thing that every living human being can agree upon is their love for Jeff Goldblum. More of him is only a good thing. Maybe it can bring world peace.

Two In The Cage

Credits: https://lamba.me/images/origin/pspk44a4/m2kfv0e0/9ktkghak_b.jpg

You may be wondering, why are there multiple Nicolas Cages in the world? Well, it’s because it makes it that much easier to hunt down secret treasure that’s mentioned in code on historical documents. Seems pretty obvious, when you think about it.

Mr. Cage is a little more divisive than Mr. Goldblum, but he’s still a gem. It actually makes sense there’s more than one of him. He appears in so many films, there being more than one of him explains it all!

Here's Not Johnny

Credits: https://www.micccp.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/19-16.jpg

No, this man is not the real Captain Jack Sparrow. Mostly because Captain Jack Sparrow is not a real person. But if he pulled a Johnny Depp and hung out at Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride, it would still be pretty cool.

Is this look intentional? Some people go to great lengths and get a ton of plastic surgery to look like their favorite celebs. And some people like this are just born with it.

Turkish George

Credits: https://perfecto.guru/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/7236ab32beffa8e0c92dab355691b764.jpg

What’s this handsome guy in Turkey doing riding a train? If you look like George Clooney, you should get free limo rides to wherever you need to go. It just seems right for some reason, doesn’t it?

I’m not saying if you’re good looking you should get unfair advantages in life. But if you’re George Clooney levels of good looking? Then yeah, you shouldn’t have to pay for anything ever again. Give this man the treatment and respect he deserves.

Mr. Fake Bean

Credits: http://tabnakbato.ir/files/fa/news/1394/12/7/40068_139.jpg

This man isn’t really Mr. Bean star Rowan Atkinson. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but you can probably tell from listening to their voices. If one of them has a voice, you know it’s an impostor.

At least they know what they look like. Some people are told they look like a celebrity who isn’t conventionally attractive and get super offended. This guy is leaning into it. Glad to see folks with a great sense of humor.

Not Hugh Laurie

Credits: https://www.obovsyom.ru/images/post/914916-1493792952.jpg

Contrary to what your eyes may be telling you, this is not House star Hugh Laurie. Instead, it’s a plumber from Russia. So you have to wonder if he’s an expert at fixing sinks, but is super condescending and sarcastic while he does it.

He probably sees a clog that seems super common, but hypothesizes it’s a rare condition only he’s ever heard about. And dang it, the smug jerk is right each and every time.

Mr. Not President

Credits: http://files.sharenator.com/1962816-531953520281687-4999535711178616166-n-Even-more-funnies-XD-35-s700x700-447551.jpg

This, of course, is not really Barack Obama. It’s just a man who happens to look like him, who lives in Mexico. Although there are still some who don’t think he’s from Mexico, and want to see his birth certificate.

This photo probably won’t help those conspiracy theories die down. But we assure you, this is not the former president. Even though if you ran into him on the street, you wouldn’t know it until you talk to him.

Not Adolph

Credits: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-4Mw31eMH3Ds/VXmETcoAX9I/AAAAAAAAAdg/S-eztStvbQ4/s1600/hitler-voltou-no-tempo.jpg

It’s been over 70 years since the death of Hitler. Which means people have had 70 years to learn that this mustache might not be the best idea. In fact, the only way someone can pull this off is if they’re the greatest basketball player of all time.

Still, MJ doesn’t look like Adolph and caught flack for it. This guy looks just like the ruthless dictator, so copying his facial hair isn’t a great move.

George And Not George

Credits: http://img0.liveinternet.ru/images/attach/d/1/132/704/132704912_120116_2304_46.jpg

Only one of these two men is President George W. Bush. But how do you know which is which? The best way to find out is to bring along Dick Cheney. Whichever one does whatever Dick says is probably the real Dubya.

Although how do we know the other one wouldn’t follow Cheney? He is a master manipulator. Heck, I may have been tricked by Dick once or twice. Guess we’ll never know who the real Bush is.

The Fake Danny

Credits: http://manmonster.m.a.pic.centerblog.net/un-Danny-De-Vito-au-bresil.jpg

He’s not Danny DeVito, but the resemblance is absolutely uncanny. He truly looks like he could be the real Danny’s twin. And if he finds Arnold Schwarzenegger’s look-alike, the two of them could even do a Twins remake.

Thank goodness Danny DeVito is so beloved. Being told you look like him your whole life would be pretty rough if he was a jerk that everyone despised. Now, even though you’re short, you remind people of someone they love, which is nice.

Isla Fisher And Amy Adams

Credits: http://img.wennermedia.com/article-leads-vertical-600/isla-fisher-amy-adams-6c19a38c-8f9a-4dac-8ac4-bfc5958bd23c.jpg

Sometimes, two look-alikes from different countries both become famous. For instance, Isla Fisher and Amy Adams could be the same person. Sure, they have both been seen in the same place at the same time, but it could just be an illusion.

How can we be certain this image isn’t just a Photoshop? We can’t. So until I see the two of them in the same place at the same time with my own two eyes, I won’t be convinced.

Natalie Portman And Keira Knightley

Credits: https://media.fromthegrapevine.com/assets/images/2015/4/Natalie-Portman-Keira-Knightley-1.jpg.839x0_q71_crop-scale.jpg

And then there’s the case of these two well-known doppelgangers. One is from England, and one is from America. And things get even more freaky once you throw Winona Ryder into the mix as well.

I wonder if they ever get mistaken for each other. Somebody flags down Natalie Portman, begging for an autograph and says, “Oh my God, thank you! I’m such a huge fan! Thank you, Ms. Knightley!” Natalie should just sign that name and move on.

Dirk Nowitzki And Barry Pepper

Credits: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-O--DwWtaAhk/T0ZQ1ZP4XJI/AAAAAAAACSs/GCtsKLK4pl8/s1600/tw2.jpg

Dirk Nowitzki is the German-born all-star center for the Dallas Mavericks. Barry Pepper is the talented Canadian-born actor who appeared in movies like True Grit and The Green Mile.

Pepper could be the seven-foot Nowitzki’s exact clone…if the clone was also 16 inches shorter. At least in person these two probably don’t get mistaken for each other quite as often. Unless someone thinks the camera adds ten pounds and over a foot.

Ryan Gosling And Kliff Kingsbury

Credits: http://static4.businessinsider.com/image/523340acecad041a09c8a36f-800-600/kinsbury-ryan-gosling.jpg

Kliff Kingsbury is the football coach at Texas Tech, and was born in Texas. Ryan Gosling is…well, Ryan Gosling, and was born in Canada. So if Kingsbury ever gives a halftime speech ordering his players to listen to more jazz, you’ll know he and Gosling have an odd psychic connection.

It’s nice to see that the handsomest people on Earth aren’t as unique as once thought. Sure, they’re stunning, but they’re replaceable, which takes them down a much needed peg.

Bradley Cooper And Hrithik Roshan

Credits: http://i-exc.ccm2.net/iex/1280/1187012235/1298653.jpg

Hrithik Roshan is the Indian actor who has starred in Bollywood film Kites, an international hit. He is not the same actor who starred in movies like A Star Is Born. So unlike Bradley Cooper, Roshan might not know the joys of starring in a movie with a fake baby.

Also, in these photos, don’t the two of them look like Hugh Jackman? Maybe Wolverine really doesn’t age and just clones himself.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan And Javier Bardem

Credits: http://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/galleries/x701/58731.jpg

One is Negan, the villain on Walking Dead. The other is Anton Chigurh, the villain in No Country For Old Men. We’re not sure which is which, but we are sure we wouldn’t want to make either of them angry.

How can not just one, but two men be both so simultaneously handsome and menacing at the same time. You wouldn’t want to run into them in a dark alley… or maybe you would?

Megan Fox And Claudia Alende

Credits: http://img.providr.com/1359.jpg

Not sure who Claudia Alende is? She’s a Brazilian model who got started by entering in a “Miss Bum Bum” contest, and then got a huge following on Instagram thanks in part to her resemblance to Megan Fox.

Although it’s possible Alende is able to look like Fox because she’s some sort of Transformer. Maybe all these lookalikes aren’t coincidences at all. Maybe there’s a secret race of shape shifters out there, duplicating our most famous humans.

Helena Christensen And Cameron Diaz

Credits: http://i037.radikal.ru/0805/ff/a88e08e33198.jpg

Helena Christensen is a Danish model who worked for Victoria’s Secret and appeared in Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game” video. And then shortly after that she was apparently cloned and turned into Cameron Diaz.

Cameron has been blonde for most of her career, but that was probably just to keep people from finding out the truth. These clones and shape shifters thought their secret was safe, but the truth is finally out. We’re onto all of you.