16 of the Youngest and Hottest Billionaire Women on Planet Earth

By jstruge - August 21, 2018
Credits: trend-chaser.com

You might be surprised just how many young female billionaires there are in the world. You might be even more surprised to learn that only some of them are heiresses. Many in fact have managed to create their own wealth very early on in life. Read on for a glance at what these 15 women aged 19-50 have done with their billions.


Holly Branson

Credits: trend-chaser.com

Chances are you know who Sir Richard Branson is. His daughter Holly is said to be worth 3.8 billion. I like this lady though because, while she could easily coast in life while reaping the rewards of her father’s hard work, she has no such intention.

She’s already attended medical school and worked as a neurologist at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. She’s also filled her schedule with humanitarian work around the world. Well done, Holly!

Serra Sabanci

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Despite only being 39 years old, Serra Sabanci is worth 1.1 billion, making her the 28th wealthiest person in Turkey. That is no surprise considering that she is both a shareholder and board member of the largest financial and industrial conglomorate, Sabanci Holdings.

If you’re looking to follow in her footsteps you can try attending the University of Portsmouth and taking economics at Istanbul Bilgi University. Make sure you graduate with honors though. She is one smart cookie!

Ana Lucia de Mattos Barreto Villela

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You probably won’t be surprised to see a banking heiress on this list. Ana’s great-grandfather founded one of the largest banks in Brazil. At the prime age of 44, she’s the youngest female billionaire in Brazil and worth 3.6 billion!

After the family bank merged with another bank, they became the largest non-state bank in all of Latin America. I don’t foresee any financial predicaments in her bright future. She’s also gorgeous. Some women have it all!

Amanda Hearst

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Amanda is yet another heiress thanks to her great-grandfather, founder of the Hearst Corporation, of which she is now the owner. At this point, she’s worth 8.7 billion. She’s gone on to create her own organization, Friends and Finn, which combats the evils of puppy mills.

She’s also worked with many other organizations to be a voice for animals (who can’t speak for themselves). She’s a true animal lover and she’s definitely using her influence for a good cause!

Marie Besnier Beauvalot

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Marie and her two siblings inherited and solely own the French Dairy company Lactatis. The company’s impressive success is due largely to their Président brie cheese, which is made in Laval, France. At age 38 she is worth 2.5 billion and living the high life.

She still lives in France, where her brother has taken over as CEO of the company since their father’s retirement.

Lee Seo-Hyun

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These women are taking over every country in the world! Lee has tried her luck in many different businesses and turned everything she touches into gold! She’s president of a textile manufacturing company, but that’s not all!

She grew the company to include fashion and chemicals and even bought another company. She had a successful merger with Samsung SDI and Samsung Overland, which pushed these companies to the forefront of their market. Is there anything this women can’t do!?

Athina Onassis

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We’ve had a good run, but Athina is an heiress who doesn’t seem to be handling her money very well. She’s the only descendent left in Aristotle Onassis’ line. Yes, you recognize that name. She’s Jackie O’s granddaughter through marriage.

While she’s said to have been worth 5 billion big bucks after an exorbitant payout on her 18th birthday, she seems to have wasted a great deal of it. In addition, she had a very expensive divorce which cut into her fortune.

Aerin Lauder

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You may have already guessed from her name that Aerin is the heiress to the Estée Lauder company. Estée Lauder has grown considerably over the years. This was a soft start for Aerin, allowing for development of her own fashion, perfume, cosmetic and even furniture lines. Owning a cool 16 million shares, Aerin is worth 1.85 billion at age 46.

I’d say she won’t be the last heiress in her line. I have to say I’m a tad jealous.

Charlotte Casiraghi

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Finally! Some royalty! Charlotte is eighth in line to the throne of Monaco, being the daughter of Princess of Hanover. At age 29, she’s worth 5.7 billion so she’s set whether or not she ever takes the throne. She’s been a busy bee and has obtained a philosophy degree and also is known as the face of Gucci.

She’s had a bit of a messy personal life though, having had a child out of wedlock with an actor who just couldn’t cut it as a father.

Tamara Ecclestone

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Tamara’s father is the chief executive of the Formula One Group. It’s no surprise that his billions have trickled down to his incredibly beautiful daughter. With the combination of money and beauty, it’s a given that she’s a socialite and becoming a TV personality was a breeze.

She’s also stayed in the family business working as a presenter for Sky Sports Italia and many other racing productions. At age 32 she is worth 3.6 billion.

Sara Blakely

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A truly self-made woman, Sara has created one of the hottest products on the market, Spanx. Women have flocked to snag her products for years and there’s no end in sight. She’s even gained a prestigious slot in Time’s list of the most 100 influential people. Forbes named her the 93rd most powerful woman in the world.

There’s been no shortage of recognition for her hard work and it seems she’s unstoppable! While she’s worth 1 billion now, I wouldn’t be surprised if she continues to climb.

Petra Stunt

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Tamara’s sister, Petra has followed a similar path in becoming a socialite. She’s also dabbled in the world of fashion and modeling. Not only does Petra have complete financial security on her own, she went on to marry another billionaire, James Stunt, with whom she blew millions on a wedding and mansion.

She’s made a few bad real estate decisions alongside her husband, which cost them more than a few pennies, but it’s hardly a drop in the bucket for them.

Alexandra Andresen

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What!? This girl is only 19, making her the youngest female billionaire in the world! Just look at that baby face! Her father, Johan H. Andressen Jr., is a Norwegian industrialist whose company, Ferd AS, is a goldmine. By now you probably have an idea how she became worth 1.2 billion.

Her father transferred 80% of the company shares over to his daughters, ensuring that the sky’s the limit where their future’s concerned!

Dylan Lauren

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While you might expect the daughter of Ralph Lauren to automatically join the world of fashion, it turns out that Dylan’s passion is something sort of unexpected: candy. Dylan’s Candy Bar is the largest candy shop in the world and seeing as how she’s been photographed au natural in a tub of gumballs,

I’d say she’s not as into clothes as her dad. She did, however, have him design her wedding dress when she tied the knot in 2011.

Miss Piggy

Credits: Mashable

I wasn’t going to put her on this list, but she was very upset when I mentioned she might be a tad older than the other ladies I included and insists she’s not a day over 29. Famous for her hot and cold relationship with Kermit the Frog, this piggy knows how to lay the drama on thick, making her irresistible to her public.

Having starred in a TV show and many movies, she is a seasoned (mmm bacon) performer.

Kylie Jenner

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It seems the debate from the public on whether or not these girls are self-made is truly never-ending. Forbes silenced a lot of people though by placing her on their cover this summer and naming her the youngest self-made billionaire in the US.

While she may have gotten her start on the hit reality show in her sisters’ shadows, she quickly climbed the ladder on her own with a wildly popular cosmetics line.