15 Years Later, Steve Irwin’s Son Recreated The Pic of His Dad With The Same Crocodile

By Psquared - July 17, 2019

Nature is amazing, isn’t it? Sure, sitting indoors watching each and every episode of your favorite TV series while ordering delivery for three weeks straight can be great, but nothing beats the great outdoors. The sun on your skin, the wind in your face and just getting to explore the environment around you. And you know what the best part of nature is? All of the animals in it! When you think of nature’s splendor, do you picture a giant soaring eagle and a lion, or a small pond and a blade of grass?

If you are a lover of all animals (cuddly and scary alike) and are of a certain age, then you may owe a healthy portion of your passion to the TV show The Crocodile Hunter, which helped expose a lot of us to the wonders of the wild. We learned to marvel at nature’s splendor and also to respect it while getting way closer than we were often comfortable with some of these creatures. And of course, this show would have been nothing without its amazing host…

Steve Irwin


The man behind the Crocodile Hunter was Steve Irwin. Doesn’t that face just fill you with nostalgic joy?

Steve Irwin dedicated the vast majority of his life to animal conservation and education. He also had zero fear of any animal, even terrifying, meat-eating reptiles.

Even though he would get close to them, he always showed them respect. His legacy as an avid animal lover, expert, conservationist, explorer, teacher and television personality will live on forever in the hearts of everyone who knew of him.

Gone Too Soon


If you watched his show, it’s hard to not wonder what Mr. Irwin would be up to these days.

Sadly, we’ll never know, as he was killed on September 4th, 2006. It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since his passing, and it’s still shocking to think about to this day.

He died while taking part in the documentary series, Ocean’s Deadliest. He approached a short-tail stingray which, according to sources, “propped on its front” and began “stabbing wildly,” ultimately ending  life.

Bindi And Robert


Even in death, Irwin worried about the safety of the creature that killed him. That’s the type of man he was.

He left behind his wife Teri and their two young children Bindi and Robert. All you Crocodile Hunter fans might be tickled pink to learn both of his kids are carrying on their father’s legacy.

Bindy and Robert have both also dedicated much of their lives to animal conservation. Recently, Robert shared a photo that showed just how closely he’s following in his father’s footsteps.

Like Father...


Robert shared this photo on his Instagram page of his dad doing, well… what his dad was known to do.

While this would terrify most people, it was just another day in the life of the fearless Crocodile Hunter.

He’s feeding this massive crocodile while spectators look on in joy, horror, excitement and just about every other emotion you could name. And he’s feeding this large, hungry creature by hand. So what was the significance of Robert sharing this photo?

Like Son


Your eyes aren’t deceiving you and this isn’t an example of Photoshop trickery. That’s Robert.

In this photo, he’s also feeding a crocodile in a nearly identical manner as his father did over a decade and a half earlier.

That would be amazing enough. A son following in his father’s footsteps can always be daunting no matter what the profession. But this profession? Way more impressive. But that’s not all. What makes this so amazing is what Robert shared in the caption of the pic…

The Caption


Underneath the photo, Robert wrote, “Dad and me feeding Murray… same place, same croc — two photos 15 years apart.”

He even threw in a heart and an emoji of a crocodile because… awww, of course he did.

This is so cute we almost lose sight of how incredible it is. It certainly explains why this photo is so nearly identical to the one of his father. It was shot at the same location, and the two Irwins were feeding the same crocodile!

Carrying On Conservationism


Being the son of the Crocodile Hunter sounds like it could be intimidating, especially if you’re trying to be in the same field as your father.

Those are some mighty big hiking boots and khaki shorts to fill, but Robert is doing it like a pro already!

He’s making a career out of the same passion for animals that his dad had, and is using the huge platform he was born into to spread awareness and information about important environmental and animal matters.

With Style


And Robert isn’t just like his father because he can fearlessly feed hunks of raw meat to giant, dangerous reptiles.

As you can see, he’s a born entertainer just like his old man. Here he is feeding a miniature horse on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

While he loves the dangerous creatures, he also loves the adorable ones. They all deserve love, protection and care, and he enjoys showing off all the animals he can and how awesome they are to audiences across the globe.



Considering how beloved Steve Irwin is, as you can imagine, his son has a lot of followers, and these photos got a lot of attention.

One Instagram user commented, “Can’t begin to imagine how proud he would be, Robert.”

He would absolutely be proud, and not just because of Robert’s abilities. While wrestling crocs was always cool, what made Steve Irwin stand out was his heart and passion, and his son absolutely is displaying that himself as well. But that’s not all he’d be proud of…



Robert isn’t the only one continuing the Irwin animal legacy. Remember how we mentioned he also had a daughter?

Bindi is actually the firstborn child of Teri and Steve. Like her mother, father and brother, she’s also in the business of helping animals.

If you thought Steve’s love and passion for what he did was contagious watching it through a television screen, it appears it was even more so growing up with him. And Bindi started at a very young age…

The Jungle Girl


There will always be only one Crocodile Hunter, so saying Bindi is the next C.H. would be inaccurate. Besides, she already has her own nickname.

Before her father passed when she was only eight years old, Bindi already had her own TV show: Bindi the Jungle Girl.

These days she’s based at the Australia Zoo, and continuing her dad’s legacy for a whole new generation. It’s nice to know that there are still Irwins in the world spreading a passion for animals.

Bindi's Birth


Bindi also has an Instagram, and shared her own heartwarming story about her late father.

She posted this snippet from a 2003 documentary. In it, Steve Irwin talked about becoming a father for the first time.

As you can tell by the caption on the video, initially, he wasn’t sure if he even wanted to be a dad. But don’t worry. That all quickly changed once he learned that his wife was pregnant, and especially when he saw his daughter for the first time.

Change Of Heart


The documentary featured footage from Bindi’s birth in 1998. As we mentioned, Steve was hesitant about being a father at first.

But it becomes clear that Steve and Terri absolutely adored their daughter from the second that she was born, and she knows that to this day.

Once Steve saw his little girl, all he wanted was to be the best father he possibly could, and he was literally proud of her the day she was born. He’d be even more proud now.

A Father's Love


Here’s a shot of Steve’s face the first time he saw Bindi. It’s full of love, wonder, awe, excitement and even surprise, as he was expecting a boy!

As he talked about his daughter in the clip, you could see him beginning to tear up. He said that he actually couldn’t think about Bindi for too long without crying, which he proved.

He would always take a picture of the two of them with him in the field while he worked. And if he sat and looked at it for too long, he would start to cry.

What A Legacy


Steve concluded the clip by saying, “Who would have thought someone ugly as me could bring into the world something so beautiful, such a treasure?”

That not only shows off his sense of humor, but also his humility. Bindi appreciated it, captioning the video with, “Thank you, Dad, this moment captured on camera made my whole life. I love you so much.”

Steve Irwin has a rich legacy of raising awareness and fondness for animals with his work. But the best part of his legacy? His two kids, who are following in his footsteps. He would have been insanely proud of both.