15 Weird Yoga Trends You Definitely Want to Try Out

By jstruge - August 19, 2018
Credits: partygoats.com

Chances are you’ve been to a run of the mill yoga class by now. Maybe you’ve even done hot yoga and fancy yourself to be adventurous. Well, I’ve got news for you! Yoga gets A LOT weirder than that. It seems like yoga has been fused with everything imaginable (and even unimaginable). Have a look and see if you can picture yourself doing any of these creative versions of yoga! There’s a style of yoga for everyone!

Slackline Yoga

Credits: lifeline.de

Yogis are always coming up with new ways to encourage presence. I’d say nothing would make you focus like being on a slackline. Most people can hardly walk one let alone balance in a yoga pose.

Anyone can set up a slackline and give it a try, but do so cautiously. “Slackasana” classes are now found all over the world and the poses are very impressive, to say the least. These yogis definitely aren’t slacking off. What a buncha hippies.


Credits: abc news

Can you guess what kind of yoga this is? Probably not, because it’s rather surprising that it exists at all. Voga is yoga fused with vogueing. That’s right. Vogueing. As in the 80s/90s stylized dance form. It’s basically what you’d get if Madonna did yoga.

It started out in London (DUH) and has since spread to new locations. All you need to join a Voga class is a bodysuit, some leg warmers, and a headband! Oh, and also bring your sassy attitude.

Harmonica Yoga

Credits: bluesharp.com

So at first glance, this seems ridiculous, but I can’t really argue with the logic behind it. If you know anything about yoga, you know that it’s all about your breath. The harmonica is used as a tool to draw attention to your breath and help you gauge exactly what you are doing with it.

While I’m sure it can aid in mindfulness, I’m guessing a room full of people doing this is not the most audibly pleasing.

Tantrum Yoga

Credits: ratemds.com

Tantrum yoga seeks to get people back to their inner child. As children, we have no qualms simply letting our emotions run wild and getting them out of our body, but as we grow, many adults repress their emotions rather than learning to regulate them in a healthy way. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Grown adults get on their mat and scream and flail about as a form of emotional therapy. Sounds great for after a breakup, doesn’t it?

Laughing Yoga

Credits: healersandseekers.com

It’s hard to be stressed when you’re laughing or doing yoga so the combination must be great! Laughter begets more laughter, so classes start out by simply forcing a laugh. No jokes are told and they’re not necessary once the contagious giggles start.

The focus is more on silly motions than actual yoga poses, but laughing is the key to it all. The results people are seeing on their mental health are no laughing matter.

Rabbit Yoga

Credits: stylist.co.uk

Rabbits don’t want to be left out either! People are flocking to set up their mats with these furry bundles. I’m not sure I’d want poop on my yoga mat, which is sure to happen with rabbits, but I can see the benefit of being around animals when you want to chill out.

Many studios are using Bunny Yoga as a fundraiser to support animals who need homes and they’ve been very successful in doing so!


Credits: wickedfitness.net

Glowga is essentially a big party in the dark. It involves body painting, UV lights, neon lights, black lights and lots of connection with fellow yogis. If you’re opting for body paint rather than glowsticks and neon colored clothing then make sure you wear old clothes!

Glowga is often hosted as a large event and has even been used in certain cities to celebrate Pride. Expect DJ’s, awesome photos, lots of fun, and, of course, yoga.

Yoga Raves

Credits: wbr.org

Whatever that term made you picture is likely wrong! Yoga raves are free of alcohol, drugs and smoke. They are actually more like dance parties that happen to have some basic yoga poses integrated. So for those of us who don’t like the vibes of your average nightclub, this is a great alternative!

Organizers hope to have people leaving the events feeling uplifted and reaping spiritual, mental and physical benefits. Get your glowsticks and rave on!

Sup Yoga

Credits: yogajournal.com

Ok. So I’ve been to enough classes to know that most people struggle to do yoga on solid land. It must take an incredible amount of skill to be able to do it on the water. You can start out with the board on land and move to the water when you are ready to practice some beginner poses.

All you need is the SUP (stand-up paddleboard) and maybe some friends who will point and laugh when you fall.

Nude Yoga

Credits: insidehook.com

This is definitely one of the more unbelievable trends. I mean, that can’t be pretty, right!? There must be something to it because people are packing out these classes, which are often co-ed.

While many, women, in particular, may fear inappropriate behavior, yoga studios offering this specialty are ensuring that participants adhere to strict, respectful guidelines. Yogis are praising this genre of yoga for encouraging body consciousness and acceptance. Would you try it?

Horse Yoga

Credits: wellandgood.com

Sign. Me. Up. Many believe horses are deeply spiritual beings and aware of much more than we give them credit for. The horses actually become accustomed to the yoga and are trained to come when they hear the chime that starts class. Having horses that are trained for this is an important piece of the puzzle.

It’s also very symbiotic as the adjusted, joint poses are also calming for the horses. They seem to love it and I know I would!

Beer Yoga

Credits: spiritedsingapore.com

It’s yoga with beer. No surprises there. I have to wonder how much beer gets spilled during these sessions. Many people use yoga as an effective way to get fit, but I’m guessing the goal here is relaxation because there’s nothing like drinking your calories as you burn them!

I’m not sure if wine yoga exists, but if not, I’m sure it won’t be long before it does. Get to class and practice your beer belly breathing!

Cannabis Yoga

Credits: buzzfeed

Teachers of this kind of yoga say that it helps their clients be more open to the philosophies of yoga and to be more present. It also helps participants who are having chronic pain to be able to relax and get the most out of their session. They oftentimes have musicians play music to add to the experience or even have incense burning.

It’s an ancient practice that’s just being popularized in our culture now.  I’d say they really hit the jackPOT with this one!

Cat Yoga

Credits: boredpanda

Now this is yoga after my own heart! Imagine doing cat pose with an actual cat! Mind you, my cat joins my yoga whether she’s invited or not and I haven’t paid any extra fees. It’s a well-known fact, though, that being around cats is great for your health and can be a very calming experience.

Many of the cats involved at yoga are also looking for homes and might be up for adoption. I’m totally sold. Nameowste.

Goat Yoga

Credits: partygoats.com

Goat yoga is growing in popularity very quickly. It combines the love of yoga and love of animals for many participants. I’m personally not sure how you could get into a zen state with such high energy little guys running between your feet and even climbing on top of you! The goats and yogis both seem to love it though!

Some participants are even reporting that their faces are as sore as their own muscles afterward simply from smiling so much!