15 Reasons Why Eating Meat Is Terrible for You

By jstruge - September 13, 2018
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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more than just a popular activity in our culture. It’s become a be-all, end-all reason for our existence, amiright? People in our day and age have become more intelligent, have more access to information, and are a lot more privileged. “Healthy living” no longer just includes getting lots of exercise, lowering your stress, having a perpetually peaceful mind, and eating a healthy whole food diet. Nope, we had to go ahead and add one more essential item to the Dream Team of living a healthy life: no longer eating meat. Here are the top 15 reasons why, according to experts/enthusiastic vegans, eating meat is terrible for you:


Increased Chance for Cancer

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Eek! The C-word. Eating meat can escalate pre-existing cancer cells. It creates an “on-switch” for cancer cells to grow and multiply, thus increasing the risk for cancer. Well, I’ll be.

Usually the worst culprit is meat that is exposed to direct flame, like kebabs or grilling, or meat that is charred and seared. Vegetables usually don’t require that much finesse tender loving care cooking.


Decreases Effects of Antibiotics

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Animals always seem to catch viral diseases, airborne infections or various diseases which can be transmitted through direct contact. To prevent the spread of diseases, shots of antibiotics are given to those animals that are infected.

Unfortunately, when animal meat is harvested while the drugs have not yet dissolved completely within the animals’ system, humans can ingest the same drug taken by the animal. Unknowingly this can cause antibiotic resistance for humans, making the drug ineffective. Hello, superbugs! And all thanks to Porky the Pig and his friends.

Maintaining Healthy Body Weight

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Ever wonder why no matter how much you exercise, meditate, hit the spa, you can never seem to keep the weight off?

Don’t blame the amount of food you eat or the fact that you stayed home to watch reruns of “The Office” instead of going jogging.

No, blame your intake of meat. According to experts, the more animal protein you eat, the more difficult it is to maintain your ideal Body Mass Index (BMI). It just makes it harder. That’s what she said.

Ingesting Animal Cysts

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Poultry, fish, red meat, and pork may have cysts that couldn’t be sliced out during food preparation.

Cancerous meat parts cannot be cooked, and will not die like bacteria. You might unwittingly swallow one of those horrible things whole. Are you shaken to your very core yet? Have you thrown out every shred of meat in your home yet??


Little or No Nutritional Value

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Listen up, meat lovers! If you have been consuming more red meat than greens, like vegetables and fruits, you might be missing out on a lot of important nutrients your body needs. Although meat is high in protein and contains some small amounts of other minerals, that is mostly lost with heat. Once cooked (and we mean cooked the way any good steak should be, on high heat to get that beautiful sear and delicious crust—I digress), there are very few nutrients of value left.

With fruits and vegetables, you can have it all—just eat them raw without throwing away the natural vitamins and minerals. Just close your eyes, plug your nose and pretend the bowl of raw carrots and uncooked eggplant is a juicy flank steak.

Decreased Manhood

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Attention, menfolk, this one is for you! Those who switched to a vegan diet often claim they have substantially improved their, ah, performance in bed. Meanwhile, the outcome is not as rosy for meat eaters; the protein content from animals often causes erectile dysfunction. Cue sad declining trumpet music.

Also, meat emits toxic odours that apparently may affect one’s ability to extend orgasm. So there you have it! Gents, ditch the meat for more heat (you’re welcome).

Uneven Body Structure

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A good physical structure often denotes a healthy mind, body, and wholeness. Forget all those fancy names thrown around to describe your body type; according to some members of the anti-meat brigade, “apples” and “pears” are for eating only. A well-proportioned body, meanwhile, is a sign of good health (I dunno, seems like Serena Williams has curves and massive biceps and is in tip-top shape, but who am I to disagree?). Apparently, having a badly-proportioned body structure is caused by more than just eating too much, drinking alcohol, or not getting enough exercise.

Eating meat is the culprit; it provides your bod with unnecessary fats and can even—gasp—cause uneven muscle tones on the most unlikely places of your body, unless you target those with specific exercise routines.

So skip the meat and pop in a “Buns of Steel” video, stat!

Increased Air Pollution

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Remember reading about how dinosaur farts contributed to global warming because of the noxious gases they emitted? Well, today’s animals pose a similar problem. Pigs, poultry, cattle, goats, and other animals create a lot of waste. In order to produce tons of food from meat, farmers need to feed and, of course, manage the huge quantity of poop. Imagine the piles of animal waste created each day, making the air smell bad and polluting the air quality. If you’ve ever driven by a field of manure or a pig farm, you know exactly what we’re referring to.

Plants, on the other hand, can grow and be harvested as agricultural food products without any unsightly and foul-smelling animal dung. Which begs the question of fertilizer…

Contracting Animal-Based Illnesses

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The animals we eat, as we know, roam around many different places. Their pre-slaughter environment can carry many perils. Poultry can catch different diseases from migrating birds travelling from one disease-infested place to another. Airborne diseases can be easily passed on. Pigs, cattle, and other animals can get infected by inhaling contaminated dirt, or ingesting various contaminated substances from water, like parasites. Lovely.

Once the animals are contaminated, it is very easy for humans to be infected by ingesting uncooked meat. Hello, Salmonella and E.Coli! Sometimes illnesses cannot be eradicated even when thoroughly cooked at high temperatures. Ok, so maybe Meatless Mondays and Tuesdays could help.

Higher Rates of Disease

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Saturated fat is the number one factor that contributes to diabetes and the abnormal clogging of your arteries. These fats increase unhealthy cholesterol (LDL) and raised LDLs are the main cause of American deaths every year, based on a study by the American Diabetes Association. Saturated fat is directly linked to cardiovascular diseases.

The anti-meat movement likes to point out that meat and meat bi-products (butter, cream, ghee, etc.) have a lot of saturated fatwhile plant-based food have none at all. Except, of course, palm oil, coconut milk and oil, margarine…

Hormonal Imbalance

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Since animals are prone to contracting various airborne diseases and illnesses through direct contact, many farmers protect their poultry, pigs, and cattle by injecting them with a bunch of drugs. Yay modern medicine! These synthetic treatments seep through the animals’ veins and enter their bloodstreams, as well as their muscles; after slaughter, those antivirals get transferred when meat is ingested by humans.

Another issue is the lingering reports about poultry farmers injecting hormones in order to hasten the growth and size of the chickens. These artificial chemicals in the animal meat can also alter the human hormonal system. So switch to veganism or forever have a little facial hair, ladies.

Shortened Lifespan

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Folks, no need to find the Pool of Eternal Youth; those who have higher vegetable consumption or those who consciously switched to a vegan diet have added years to their lifespan. This is according to researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital over the course of their 30 years of research from 130,000 respondents. That’s awesome!

On the other hand, those who consume a lot of meat and meat bi-products basically have a higher chance of getting heart and blood related diseases. Yikes!

Animal Cruelty

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There is no better way to encourage people to stop eating meat than to pull at their heartstrings with the heartless killing of innocent animals. Imagine raising a tiny piglet or a tiny fuzzy chick then killing it for its meat! Heartless.

Animals breathe. They make sounds. And to some, they are more than just pets.

There are also reports from slaughterhouses of horrifying stories about killing animals inhumanely. This is just plain brutality to another breathing species. So if you love innocent baby animals, then for the love of all that is holy, put DOWN the brisket and go pledge some money to PETA.

Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide

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Generally, all animals breathe in oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. To harvest tons of meat for consumption, one must raise a number of chickens, pigs, and cows. Unfortunately, these animals need to breathe and consume the same oxygen humans need to survive.

Without air these animals will not survive. Imagine the amount of oxygen is shared by humans and animals all together. Unlike trees, and other plants, they provide us the oxygen we need to breathe. So let’s stop giving our precious air to animals, and keep it all to ourselves and, well…the plants.


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Animals crawl and love digging through dirt. Often times pigs, cattle, and poultry animals are exposed directly to worm infection and other unseen microorganisms. Most of these worms, if ingested by humans, often make us sick and cause diarrhea, vomiting, headache, and dehydration.

For most cases there are microorganisms and bacteria that are also life-threatening. These parasites can reach our blood vessels and target the sensitive parts of our internal organs which cause internal inflammation or haemorrhage. So go ahead, enjoy that pork chop. Just remember it can come with a side of dysentery.