15 Pictures That Totally Belong In The Photoshop Battle Hall Of Fame

By Sarcasm Society - January 04, 2019

These photos constitute a whole new art form. Photoshop is like a superpower. It can be used for good, or it can be used for evil. It can also be used for hilarity, and that skates a razor thin line between the two, morally speaking. Who knew a computer program could be so complex? When Photoshop transcends from a skill to an art form is when people get so good at it that you can’t even tell it’s Photoshop at all. What you’re about to see is that area of art. These are great to see on your computer, but they truly belong in a museum.

God Bless Photoshop


Just go on and take a look at this. I mean sure, this was originally baby North West in the photo, but baby Kanye just looks so life-like here! The confused expression on his face really suits him, doesn’t it?

Thank goodness Kim is there to wipe that little bit of apple sauce off his chin. Silly Kanye, you’re such a messy little baby. Please keep him away from Twitter. Put him in time out or down for a nap instead.


Shark Attack


This photo is thought to have been the earliest popular meme of the early ‘00s given how many times it was shared on the internet. Even though it’s completely fake, you’ve gotta admit that this photo is pretty dang epic. Good job, early meme people!

It’s not real, but don’t you just wish it was? I’m pretty sure it may have even inspired a Hollywood movie script at some point. And if it hasn’t yet, I have a pitch for you, Hollywood producers. I think we can get Gerard Butler attached to star

Hovercraft Fail


Considering North Korea has a pretty sizeable military, it seems strange that they would need to photoshop anything military-related. But when experts looked at the above photo, they found that the hovercrafts had actually been cut and pasted into the photo. Wait, North Korea lies?!

Yup! Just like everything else in North Korea, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Maybe Kim Jong-un could have at least hired some better graphic designers?  Or maybe thrown a giant shark in there while he was at it. Damn, that would be so cool.

Kim Jong Un's Loyal Followers


North Korea is really full of photoshop wonders. In this particular photo, we see Kim Jong Un surrounded by his countless loyal comrades on top of Mount Paektu. Wow, he has a lot of good friends, doesn’t he?

According to the experts, however, many of these people were likely Photoshopped in. Not to mention, it’s not likely that Kim Jong Un himself would’ve been able to climb the 9,000 foot mountain. I guess the lesson we’re slowly learning is to not trust photos if Kim Jong Un is behind them.

Abraham Lincoln


Photoshop can eliminate that unsightly chin pimple from your prom photo, or it can give models unrealistic bodies, thus creating a ripple effect of insecurity and body image issues among women everywhere. Hooray for feeling bad about ourselves for no reason!

It can even happen among presidents! This photo is considered a pretty iconic one of former President Lincoln, but little did you know, it’s actually one of the earliest instances of Photoshop! His head was placed on John Calhoun’s body. Perhaps Lincoln’s own body wasn’t presidential-looking enough?

2004 Tsunami


After a massive earthquake struck off the coast of the Indian Ocean in 2004, one of the deadliest tsunamis of all time resulted, killing more than 200,000 people in fourteen Asian countries. It truly was a horrible nightmare that needed to no embellishing.

This photo claimed to be taken of an incoming wave from the tsunami, but later it was found to have actually been taken in Chile, with the wave Photoshopped in. It looks realistic, and given the story floating behind it, many bought it as genuine. Such is the evil of Photoshop.

The Upside-Down Book


Like I said, good and evil. The following photo, though, is pure goodness. This is an example of how to use Photoshop to bring some good into the world. This photo was taken in 2002 and shows former President George W. Bush holding a children’s book upside-down while on a visit to a school in Texas.

This photo was intended to make Bush look extremely unintelligent, although the unaltered version of the image actually shows him holding the book right-side up. Still…comedy gold

Hitler's Disguises


When World War II was coming to an end, the Allies feared that Hitler would attempt to flee Germany and take on a disguise, so the Office of Strategic Services “Photoshopped” this series of images to show some potential disguises.

For an old set of photos, you’d probably never assume individually that these were photoshopped! If there were awards for best Photoshop Usage for the Greater Good, these photos would all be nominated, that’s for sure.

Sea Of White


This photo shows University of Wisconsin students at a football game in 1993. Seems fine, right? Well, the school reportedly tried to find diverse photos of its student body for a brochure with no luck, so what did they do.

Uh huh, you guessed it. They digitally inserted a photo of a black student in the photo on the left. And you thought that joke from Scrubs of the college adding Turk to their brochure cover twice was far-fetched. Nope. This is real life.

Unsuspecting Divers


This photo was taken in Australia of two divers with a large great white shark behind them. Although, one doesn’t need to do much expert investigating to know that this one’s fake: first and foremost, wouldn’t the photographer notice the giant shark behind them and like, try to do something about that…?

Come on, folks. Who would think, “Wow, what an image this will make” instead of “Hm. I should probably swim for my life right now in case that shark is still hungry after eating those two”?

Average Rob


Average Rob is a Belgian Instagrammer who photoshops himself into photos of celebrities, making them much more entertaining. Here we can see Rob taking a nap on a park bench next to an unsuspecting Taylor Swift. Damn, Rob, we know you’re tired but couldn’t you just…wait for it…shake it off?

The caption reads: “Listening [sic] Taylor’s lovestories. Good talk.” As far as photoshoppers go, he’s pretty harmless, and at least creative. He lets you know their fakes, and gives you a chuckle by making them purposely mundane. Well done, Average Rob.

Royal Family Fail


Spain’s royal family was called out after it became known that they photoshopped their seven grandchildren into their 2005 Christmas photo. Can we really blame them though? Getting that many kids to sit still together for a photo must be a nightmare.

Instead of scolding them, we should learn from them. Imagine how much better family photos would be if we photoshopped everyone in individually. Holiday cards would look so much better. At the very least, it would avoid some family fights.

Wrong Way, Pal


This image, which was used to showcase the horrid traffic on Paris’ “peripherique” ended up being a bit of a fail, seeing as one of the cars was photoshopped driving the wrong direction! Oops. Big oops, Paris. This ain’t, England!

But many people believed it, because if there was a car driving in the wrong direction, that would certainly back up the flow of traffic. Also, no matter where you are in the world, it’s easy to believe drivers can be this dumb.

An Alternate Universe


Remember Average Rob? This is a photo of an average Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. This one is of Kim and Kanye in an alternate universe where Kanye works as a miserable used-car salesman. Kim is a stay-at-home mom who doesn’t actually like her husband but she tries to pull it together for the photos.

If your self-esteem ever needs a boost, do a search for pics of celebrities if they were normal folks. Helps them seem more relatable. And makes your sad life feel not so bad after all.

Beyonce Meets Rambo


Does this one really need a caption? We think not. It’s a pretty good look for the Queen, don’t you think? It’s obviously fake, but who cares? That’s the beauty of photoshop. When used for good, it convincingly shows us alternate realities.

Like all good art, it transports us into another world. Some of those worlds just happen to be hysterical. Whoever made this gem, you should absolutely win an award for this masterpiece. Thank you for all you do.