15 Photos That Will Force You To Do A Double Take

By Sarcasm Society - January 03, 2019

Sometimes, you look twice at a photo because it features a smoking hot man or woman. Like, so hot you start drooling momentarily and only come back to your senses when you realize you’ve made a saliva puddle on your shirt. Sometimes you look twice at a photo because it’s of a goofy cat or puppy, and you just have to look again so you can go, “Aww.” And then sometimes, just sometimes, you will look twice at a photo because YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON! These are the photos that will definitely make you look at least twice. Or three times. Likely twelve. These are confusing AF.

Made You Look! (Again)


Just take a look at this photo of a middle-aged toddler, for instance. this one definitely made our collective heads hurt at first. There are some optical illusions where you can’t spot the man.

In this one, you can’t see anything but him. Seriously, where is that kid’s head? Oh, there it is. You really have to look for it. Found it? Good, now move on to the rest of these head scratch.

Who's Holding The Flag?


Be warned, some of these photos may make your head hurt for a moment. This one is a perfect example. Is this an optical illusion, or is it something more sinister? Maybe those hands are mounted on the wall?

No, that can’t be right. Who decides to hang up fake hands on brick? A ghost would be a much more logical explanation. Or maybe it’s Photoshopped? Nah, the ghost theory is still the most logical. We’ll

Leaning Apartment Tower?


San Francisco, man. The rent there is crazy expensive. The sad thing is if it saved even $300 a month, we would all put up with walking with a severe lean. Heck, if it saved us $50 a month, we’d do it.

That’s at least one week’s worth of Kraft Mac & Cheese and Cup Noodles. Ah, yes. go for it. Start living the dream. When your standards are so low, you can never be truly disappointed.

Cliff Hanger?


The craziest part about this photo? The graffiti. Who the hell used a rope zip line to scale down this chasm just to spray paint their girlfriend’s name? If she doesn’t love you after a stunt like that, it is time to move on.

Appreciation is a big component in any healthy relationship. If she’s not grateful thyou needlessly risked your life to commit a misdemeanor, well, then that says more about her than it does you.

Long Arm?


Mr. Fantastic doesn’t seem to understand boundaries. Luckily, the Invisible Woman is right behind him, ready to smack some sense into him. It’s clobberin’ time. Of course, this isn’t the Fantastic Four.

Mostly because, there are only three people in the pic. Photo bombs are so yesterday. If you want to really surprise someone, work a surprise optical illusion into their pics. It’ll take some practice to pull off consistently, but it’s so,  worth it.

Field Portal?


I’m not sure if this trick of the eye is more infuriating or nauseating. I think I’m going to go with nauseating. Find the man walking in the field to orient yourself. And drink some ginger ale to help ease your tummy.

Why would they ever need to use computer generated imagery in the movie Inception when there is a real place in the real world like this where you can just point a camera at? This planet can be wild, y’all.



Oh, that is a backpack! That is a relief. I got worried when calls started coming in from folks swearing they saw the ghost of Harambe in Hermosa. Also, props to the person that took this pic.

They actually stared for a few seconds at what they thought was a wild beach gorilla. Have you ever seen an ape near the ocean? They don’t belong there. If we ever see that, we’re not gonna stare. We’re just gonna bolt immediately.

Three Legs?


This feels like a PG reboot of Total Recall where the woman has three legs instead of three… well, you know. This is much better. Having three legs is more practical. For one, you don’t need to find a partner in three-legged races.

This is perfect for when you’re competitive and antisocial. To be real, we’re too busy thinking about how great having an extra appendage would be to even spot what the hell is causing this illusion.

No Legs?


Sororities have a stereotype of being superficial. That couldn’t be further from the truth. They let Becky in, even though she was just a torso. Way to break new ground, Lambda Phi. There’s help for her, though.

Maybe she could ask the girl in the previous picture to borrow one of her legs, since she has an extra. Three legs are better than two, but one is better than none. I think. Leg math was really the most challenging subject in high school.

Space Cruise?


“Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… Carnival Cruise Lines?” Yeesh, we always got nauseous enough on those boats in choppy waters, not to mention the chopped steaks at their questionable buffets.

But now you are going to add jet propulsion into the mix and soar over the water in your vessels? Hop you have plenty of extra mops and a staff of hard working janitors, cause lunches are gonna get lost for basically the entire trip.

Giant Squirrel?


Rod: “It’s a shame. This used to be such a safe neighborhood. Now I don’t feel safe leaving my car parked overnight without these giant rodents trying to break into it. This whole situation is nuts.”

Jim: “Shut up! You can’t say that word. Otherwise, they may hear you and come back.”

Rod: “What? Nuts?”

[Giant squirrel breaks into the house, causing Rod and Jim to flee for their lives. They were never heard from again. Six months later the giant rodents ruled the world but shockingly did it better than]

Sky Swimming?


The water around here must be crazy polluted. Not only does it give ducks a second upside down head and body, but it also makes them float. The EPA really needs to do something about this.

We are sick and tired of trying to take a date on a nice, leisurely romantic stroll around a pond and have to worry about mutant fowl fouling up our excursion. We need to do something… but preferably not involving paper straws.

Burning Bark?


“I love your dog! What is he?”

“Aw, he’s a mutt. He’s a mix of Labrador, Retriever and Dragon.”

“That looks like it must be dangerous.”

“Yeah, it caused some issues when he was a puppy. Not gonna lie – he did injury A LOT of our neighbors. But now that he’s older and control his breath, he truly is the best grill master in the neighborhood. His grilled salmon is to die for!”



Corporations are so evil. We finally find proof of giants roaming the Earth and what do they do? They capture them and use them as advertisements to sell soda. Despicable. At least they are not using those poor polar bears anymore.

People keep trying to tell us that no, those aren’t real polar bears, it’s just computer animation as using real bears would be difficult and dangerous. But come on. You can’t fool all of us that easily, right?

More Giants?


By now we think we have figured out how most of these work. It is all just forced perspective. There aren’t actual giants roaming the Earth… for now. But be very afraid for the time when actual giants do show up, and we think it’s another trick photo.

Always be sure to look at these twice… and be sure to notice when they’re real. You can never be too careful. Always gotta look out for the little guy, especially when it s us.