15 Cats That Are More Rich and Famous Than You Are

By jstruge - August 19, 2018
Credits: Bored Panda

Cats are the best thing to ever happen to the planet. Just ask the Ancient Egyptians. They actually worshipped cats. My cats just fart around (do cats fart? I’ve never really thought about it. I know dogs fart for sure…) Anyways, the point is that my cats still haven’t got a job or paid a dime in rent. Meanwhile, these cats are richer and more famous than the Queen of England. CHECK IT OUT —>


Credits: Wikipedia

It’s a well-known fact that cats have accomplished some incredible feats when it comes to traveling. The farthest known distance to be traveled by a cat is 1500 miles!

Sugar set this record by somehow traveling from California to Oklahoma to end up on her family’s new doorstep 14 months after they moved. She’d never even been to their new home before and how she found them after being left behind is a mystery.

Dewey Readmore Books

Credits: YouTube

Dewey’s biography is a New York Times Bestseller and there have been two sequels written since as well as children’s versions. He is largely responsible for the library cat craze that is taking over the world.

After being left in poor shape in a book drop box in Iowa, he was taken in by the librarians and formed a special bond with the entire community. He gained worldwide fame and had visitors come to see him from all over.


Credits: YouTube

Now this is a cat who has inspired some good in the world! Nala was a shelter cat who lucked out and got adopted. Since that time, she’s gained over 3.6 million Instagram followers who follow along with her everyday cat life!

Her owner has used the platform to encourage and advocate for adopting animals who need homes. Nala even has her own website where you can see animals who are looking for homes! How precious is that!?

Chester the Cat

Credits: ZME Science

Here’s an impressive cat who has accomplished way more than you! Chester is listed as a co-author of an important scientific paper written by his owner, Jack Heatherington. Jack included his cat as an author after making a grammatical error in his paper.

Chester was listed under an alias, F.D.C. Willard, and it has since become public knowledge that he is, in fact, a Siamese cat and not a scientist.

Sam with Eyebrows

Credits: Bored Panda

The picture says it all. This cat has better eyebrows than most middle-aged women who spent the 90s over-plucking! He always seems to look a little nervous or even surprised because of them and could rival Puss in Boots in begging sympathy from someone with that pitiful face.

Like most of these other cats, you can find him on Instagram with a huge following. He even has a website and there are rumors that more is in the works.

Honey Bee the Blind Hiker

Credits: Bored Panda

Oh my heart! This beautiful feline has a great love for the outdoors despite being completely blind. Having been rescued from a shelter in Fiji, she now resides in Seattle.

Her rescuers decided to leash train her so that she wouldn’t miss out on the joys of nature and it turned out that Honey Bee loved it! In addition to her leash, she also has her own sling to ride in when she gets tired of sniffing and exploring. That’s one spoiled, but adorable kitty!

Grumpy Cat

Credits: nme.com

Did you know that the original Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce? We all love a good Grumpy cat meme, as evidenced by the fact that she has over 7 million followers.

It’s said that she’s actually a very agreeable cat, despite her feline dwarfism that makes her appear purrsnickety (See what I did there!?). She’s become such a sensation that she actually has managers and a whole team that keeps her online persona going.

Hamilton the Hipster

Credits: Business Insider

You’ve seen the eyebrows, now here’s the most incredible mouse-tache (seriously, someone stop me) you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Hamilton was a very challenging rescue cat as he happened to be feral, but his owner was up for the challenge and was rewarded with a wonderful companion in time.

His owner, Stowe, rather than obtaining monetary gain from the fame, gave away his Instagram account to a charity that would help more rescues find homes!

Street Cat Bob

Credits: Dailymail

Bob’s owner, James Bowen was a homeless busker during a time in his life when he was a drug addict. Bob came along in desperate need of medical help and James stepped up to the plate not knowing his life would be forever changed.

Since that time, James wrote a book about the experience, which was wildly popular. It’s also been made into a movie and a cartoon series. Bob has mingled with royalty and toured the world as a hot commodity.

Henri Le Chat Noir

Credits: Amazon.com

Otherwise known as Henri the Philosopher, this black and white cat is a YouTube sensation! His owners clearly have an amazing sense of humor and they use it to portray the sad musings that we as humans would imagine cats to have.

He has several videos all detailing the annoyances he endures while living with humans. His deep thoughts are shared with a theatrical air reminiscent of a foreign film and he nails his performances each time.

The Rock Cats

Credits: Acro Cats

You get more bang for your buck with this one. Six cats make up an actual rock band. They each play an instrument and have spent time actually touring and playing cover songs! Is there anything cats CAN’T do!?

They do have a chicken, Cluck Norris, join them as a percussionist and cluckily (HA) none of the cats have eaten him yet. It certainly seems far-fetched, but you can see it for yourself on YouTube!


Credits: Spin

Blackie is the world’s richest cat to have lived. After spending his life in a mansion with 15 other cats and outliving them all, he became the sole heir to his owner’s fortune of 12.5 million dollars! His owner, Mr. Rea, had no interest in leaving money to his family and thus Blackie received what was left after donations were made to three cat charities. He even left instructions to make sure Blackie was properly cared for with the money.

Phet and Ploy

Credits: Duke Language School

This famous cat couple definitely understands the meaning of YOLO, even if they do have nine lives. They threw a very extravagant wedding in 1996, arriving by helicopter and Rolls-Royce. They wore matching pink satin outfits and Ploy even had a hat.

Phet paid a large dowry on top of astronomical wedding expenses. In the end, though, they received over $60,000 worth of gifts! The wedding also featured an iguana as the maid of honor and a parrot as best man.


Credits: Huffpost

Move over, dogs. Australian cat Didja made the Guinness Book of World Records in 2017 by performing 20 specialized tricks in just one minute! Didja was able to roll over, jump a bar while riding a skateboard, high five, spin and more!

Since that time, Didja has even beaten her own record and brought the number up to 24 tricks a minute! And guess what? She’s also a rescue. I’m sensing a theme here.


Credits: Crossroads Hospice

Oscar lives at a nursing home in Rhode Island and has a job there as a therapy cat. Evidently, after settling in, he began making his rounds on his own and would carefully decide who to spend his time with.

The staff started noticing that after he chose a companion to snuggle with for the day that it would end up being a patient who passed on shortly thereafter. He became so accurate in his predictions that staff actually began calling family members when Oscar curled up with them. Sad :((((