15 Awesome Uses For VapoRub..Besides Helping A Cold

By lgentile - July 08, 2019

If you are a person living in the United States, chances are that you have a bottle or two of Vicks VapoRub lying around the house somewhere. Even if you didn’t put it there, go into your medicine cabinet or underneath the bathroom sink and you will probably find one in there just waiting to be used. And if there isn’t one in there, we promise you that there was and someone used it all up!

We all know that this topical ointment is the perfect solution for clearing your sinuses when you have a bad cold or a stuffy nose. We all know that it can help heal any aches and pains you may be experiencing. But, did you know that this cooling cream is capable of doing so much more than just helping your breathe when you are feeling stuffed up? Vicks VapoRub can heal you in more ways than you can count. It can also heal your pets too! Don’t believe us? Here are 15 awesome uses for Vicks VapoRub besides helping a cold. 

Training Your Pets


Having a pet can get really expensive, so if you are having trouble house training your pets, here is a cheap solution that can help you.

Try leaving some VapoRub in all the places that they like to have accidents. Dogs and cats hate the smell of the ointment, so the smell of Vicks will deter them from having an accident in that spot again.

You can also use it to prevent your cat from scratching up all your furniture by leaving the scent on any piece of furniture that your naughty baby likes to scratch on.

Foot Care


Vicks VapoRub can heal your aches and pains, but it is also extremely moisturizing.

Next time your feet need some love, rub Vicks on your cracked heels to make them look and feel as good as new.

Rub some of the ointment on your heels before you go to bed and let it soak in. Then wash your feet in the morning with cold water and scrub away dead skin, and then moisturize.

Curing Toenail Fungus


Are you having toe fungus issues? You can also use the ointment to help cure your toenail fungus by applying it to the affected nail at night. 

Then overnight, wear a clean sock to protect your sheets and this will help keep the ointment on the foot.

Then when you wake up in the morning, wash your feet and clip off the infected nail and you should be as good as new.

For Your Stretch Marks And Wrinkles


Do you have stretch marks that your can’t seem to get rid of? Try rubbing Vicks into your stretch marks or wrinkles at least once a day

By consistently massaging the ointment into the skin, you should see that these unwanted lines will disappear within a couple weeks.

This is a cheaper and easier way to lessen the appearances of wrinkles and your skin will thank us. Before you buy expensive creams, give it a try! 

Healing Bruises


Do you have a nasty bruise on you that refuses to go away? Try this little trick and see if it works for you.

Gently massage VapoRub with a little bit of salt on your bruised skin for a few minutes.

By doing this, you may notice that the cream will reduce the swelling, and in a short time the bruise should disappear or at least lessen its appearance.

Removes Acne


Forget about expensive medicines and scrubs and creams and try this first for your acne and skin issues. 

Before you go to sleep at night, put a small amount of Vicks on your pimples or acne and let it sit on your skin overnight.

In the morning, wash it off of your face and then repeat the next night and then again for the next couple days until the problem is solved.

Eases Earaches


If you suffer from earaches and you can’t find a solution, grab your VapoRub and see if it works.

First, put a small amount of VapoRub on a cotton ball and then place it in your ear for a few hours.

You can then take out the cotton ball and leave the ear as is. The antiseptic properties help reduce the pain and can also help fight any infection is you have a possible ear infection.

Repels Insects


If you are getting eaten alive by bugs and you are out of bug spray, don’t sweat it.

Insects hate the strong smell of VapoRub, so just apply a thin layer of the ointment on various parts of your body that are exposed.

You will smell like a big mint ball but it was help you in a pinch! Extra bonus: If you are suffering from big bites, VapoRub will soothe the itch and the antiseptic properties will reduce your risk of getting an infection.  Double Whammy!

Gets Rid Of Fat


There is an old school beauty secret that says if you mix Vicks VapoRub with camphor, baking soda, and a bit of alcohol. you can create a fat burning cream will that save you time and money.

All you have to do is rub it on your problem areas and over time, you should see fat loss.

Does this sound to good to be true? There is only one way to find out and that is trying it and seeing for ourselves.

Relieving Headaches


We all know that a piercing headache can ruin your day. We’ve all been there.

If you are out of pain meds, take a more topical approach when it comes to easing your headache.

Gently rub a pea-sized amount of VapoRub on your forehead and on your temples for a few minutes. The cooling sensation of the ointment will not only relax you but that throbbing pain will go away in no time. Place a towel over your forehead for at least 30 minutes for best results. Sounds like a dream!

Makes You Cry


Look, nobody likes to cry, but sometimes you need to let a few tears out.

If you have something in your eye that is giving your trouble and you want to try to produce some tears to help get it out, try this trick.

Put a little bit of VapoRub under your eyes and let it sit until your eyes begin to tear up. Hopefully the tears will get whatever is stuck in there out of your eye and fast.

Humidifies The Air


Do you already have a humidifier in your room? Well, add a little ointment to it next time you use it.

Adding the ointment will help freshen up your living space by eliminating bad odors, turning your humidifier into an air freshener as well.

The scent usually lasts for a day, but if it fades, just add some more to your humidifier and keep it rolling.

Relieves Sore Muscles


Did you hit it hard at the gym this week and your muscles are begging for mercy?

We all know that Vicks is great for clearing up your sinuses, but it also works wonders on your sore muscles.

If you are suffering from lower back pain, try this hack next time you are in pain. Massage some VapoRub on your sore muscles for at a few minutes and if you are really in pain, wrap a towel or an elastic bandage around the problem area.

Heals Cuts Quicker


In the same way that Vicks can help you heal your bruises faster, the menthol ingredient in the ointment can also help relieve the pain from your cut and can help heal your wounds faster.

So, if you are out of Neosporin, don’t you worry about a thing and rub on some Vicks instead.

Throw a bandage around the wound and let it soak in. Then take it off, let the wound breathe and hopefully you will be healed in no time.

Lubricates Door Hinges


And now we know other ways to use Vicks VapoRub on our bodies, but you can use it on your house as well!

Many people will use oil or WD 40 to lubricate their door hinges in order to stop them from squeaking.

While that is effective, oil can have a funny smell to it. If you want to lube up your doors but you also want it to smell nice, try Vicks next instead. That will do the trick!