13 Things Homeowners Discovered That Are So Creepy They Belong In A Horror Flick

By Sarcasm Society - February 07, 2019

Doesn’t the mental image of owning a home just fill your insides with the “warm and fuzzies?” It’s not just owning a physical house, it’s what it represents. It’s the idea of “home.” Any place can be home, sure, but we all strive in one way or another to have a nice house that we can turn into our own safe haven from the terrors of the world.

But sometimes, that safe haven of yours isn’t that safe at all. The homeowners you’re about to meet thought they had the perfect homes. But what they found inside will shock and disturb you.

Happy Homes


Inflation, the collapse of the economy and scarcity of jobs with a decent salary have made owning a house like the one pictured here seem all but impossible for so many in our generation. It’s truly unfortunate, as this was a given for generations past.

When one of your friends in their thirties (or even their twenties, somehow, God forbid considering what it’d do to our self-esteem) purchases their first house, it seems like a magic trick, doesn’t it?

House Of Horrors


So considering how difficult it is to finally own your own home, can you imagine what a nightmare it would be to find something wrong with it? Even worse, can you imagine finding something terrifying in it?

You know your favorite horror films? The ones where the main characters move into a new house…and later find out that it’s a former murder site or haunted by a poltergeist? Yeah, those movies are scary AF. But you know what’s even scarier? The following real-life stories  will put your favorite horror films to shame.

These Homeowners Lived Their Own Horror Stories


The stories of the following homeowners are so horrifying that they just may make you thank the stars that you’re a Millenial and can’t afford homeownership. Take Catherine McGuigan, for instance. She and her son lived in a charming old house for eleven years before realizing what laid beneath.

She was doing an extension project on the basement and the work crew unearthed a skeleton. Later, authorities and anthropologists quarantined the house and found 32 skeletons in total, all belonging to a Quaker burial ground that was over 100-year-old. So, just your every day house renovation, right?



Usually, when brown muck starts oozing out of the walls of your home, you probably should get out of there. While you might think this muck is due to demonic possession, the source is much sweeter.Well, it’s still terrifying. It turns out this home had an infestation of over 50,000 bees! That goo dripping down the walls is honey. So, it’s sweet and scary! No one wants to be living in a house of 50,000 bees.



Well, one thing you don’t want to find when you move into your new house is the old owner. In 2007, the Spanish newspaper El Pais reported on Jorge Giro’s gruesome discovery. He discovered the fully mummified body of the previous owner in plain sight.

He had purchased the house from the bank, after the elderly woman failed to pay the mortgage on it for six years. He said that the salty seaside air helped preserve her body.

Bat House


While a bat cave might be cool for Batman, I don’t want bats anywhere on my property. Calvin Oshowy bought a home and a short time later found hundreds of little bats in his attic and in his walls.

That’s just like having rabies flying through your living room. So…nope, nope, 1,000 times nope. Did we mention…NOPE. There isn’t an exterminator that can get there quick enough to take care of this living nightmare. One more NOPE for good measure.

Snake House


I think I’d rather find skeletons in my walls than snakes. Skeletons aren’t going anywhere, and they are certainly not going to slither across your throat in the middle of the night. For a couple in Idaho, their dream house turned into a serpentine nightmare.They were all over the house, and their tap water even tasted the way the snakes smelled. In just one day, the couple caught 43 snakes. Not surprisingly, the couple ended up moving out of what they called, “Satan’s lair.”



No, this discovery wasn’t in Buffalo Bill’s house (even though that house was recently on the market.) An anonymous redditor said that he found an 8-foot-deep by 4-foot-wide cement well behind a trapped door in his house.

I know “it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again” was said at least a dozen times in that house. Hopefully it was only said as a joke, and not a command to a hostage.

An Explosive


This is the most explosive house party on this list. Linda DeForest was unpacking some stuff in her husband’s new “man cave” in the basement, when she discovered what she thought was a torpedo between the wall and the rafters.

It wasn’t a torpedo. Don’t be silly. It was actually much worse.It turns out that it was a potentially active mortar. So, in comes the bomb squad. It turned out to be inactive, but, it’s still quite the scare.

Secret Room


A young family was shocked when they found a tiny little room behind a small door in her son’s room. It was a bit creepy, but they decided to turn it around, and redecorate it and turn it into a cute play room for their two-year-old son.

Hey, they made it work and should be commended for that! You’ve heard about turning lemons into lemonade. Well, these folks turned a crawlspace into a play place.

Lots Of Tiny Shoes


People who don’t own children, but yet own lots of children’s toys or clothes are perpetually creepy, in my book. One redditor said he discovered a creepy box full of little girl’s shoes…I hope they didn’t belong to any victims.

“A box in the basement filled with little girl’s shoes. Hundreds of them, all in the same rough size, all looked fairly unused. We contacted the landlord in hopes to return the forgotten box to the previous tenants– but he told us they were older folks and didn’t have any kids. It creeped my girlfriend out.”




Mary Cerruti was not happy when a massive apartment complex was approved for construction right next door to her Houston home. She had then disappeared without a trace. The bank eventually foreclosed on her house.

New tenants moved into the house in 2015, and here’s where it gets freaky. They found a pair of red glasses jutting out of a hole in the wall. Inside the hole they found Mary’s remains. Still today, nobody knows what happened to her.

Creepy Crawlspace


This one reddit user described a super-eerie crawl space he found in his attic. It was all soundproofed and carpeted, and there was room for a single bed. In the back of the crawlspace there was a safe.

He broke into it safe and found a bunch of tapes, along with a note that read, “Save yourself!” Yeah, that’s gonna also go in the NOPE pile. Can’t make a play place out of this spot, unfortunately. Not enough optimism in the world for that.

Poison Room


I’ve heard of having a panic room in your home, but a poison room? When Jason and Kerri Brown purchased a home in foreclosure in Greenville, S.C., they immediately began renovating it. That’s when they found a secret room with this note inside of it.

It seems kind of sketchy that the owner wouldn’t disclose anything about this room to the bank or realtors. A room filled with black toxic mold is certainly going to influence my decisions as a home buyer.

Your Ex


I’ll take bees, snakes, corpses, bombs, ghosts, bats, etc…I’ll take any of the terrifying stuff on this list over finding my creepy ex-boyfriend squatting in my attic. One poor South Carolina woman found her ex, who she broke up with 12 years prior, shacked up in her attic.

She found him after she heard some disturbing noises coming from up there. When she went to go investigate with her nephews, the man fled the scene. He had cups for urine and feces up there, and he also rigged the air vents so he could spy on her in her bedroom.